Yacht charter Turkey: Discover the Turquoise Oasis

Yacht charter Turkey: Discover the Turquoise Oasis

The vacation season is coming soon, have you decided where are you sailing this year? Don’t get disappointed if you still haven’t chosen your destination, as it’s not too late. Luckily, the number of sailing yachts available is still high and what’s up to you is simply decide about your destination, dates, pick your dream yacht: and the vacation can begin.

The popularity of Turkey as a sailing destination has plentiful of reasons. Turkish’s coast which has a broad variety of popular and hidden places that wait for you to discover them – already started the season. What’s more important is that the weather conditions are on your side and sailing in Turkey can easily become the most cherished memory for the years to come.

If you are among those who already visited Turkey long time ago, you probably remember thinking that it is probably one of the last places still undiscovered by tourists. Things today are a bit different: sailing from the heart of Marmaris – the touristic oasis in Turkey can be a crowdy experience, but still: there are numerous places that are still untouched, merely because they are simply not road-accessible. This is the main reason yacht charter Turkey is the perfect choice if you want to go further from the crowds and experience the best sailing experience ever.

Sailing from Fethiye to the undiscovered Kekova and Kali

If you decided to start your sailing trip from the heart of the touristy Fethiye, the journey can easily become one you will long cherish. Going east to the Gemiler Island, also known as St. Nicholas island – you will be astonished by the Byzantine ruins and the short-distanced Cold Watered bay – a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the day with all your senses. After a full recharge of your body and spirit – sail on to the medieval castles set right on the Kekova and Kali spots – and enjoy the best fish restaurants found in the whole Turkish coast. These picturesque yacht anchorages offer more than the tastiest sea food in the world: you will easily get fascinated by the clearest blue waters and their contrast with the wonderful green area around – a picture worth remembering.

Book2Sail: Your ultimate place for the best yacht charter

Got overwhelmed by searching for the perfect itinerary for the upcoming Turkish sailing vacation and planning every detail of the sailing trip?

Don’t forget the first and most important: Charter a yacht in Turkey at the fastest and most reliable chartering platform: Book2Sail.com, your starting point for the season to come. With many yachts and the fact that Turkey is Book2Sail’s favorite destination – the more chartering will become the most pleasant experience ever. The 24/7 available customer service is yours to help you in every step while you are booking the yacht that you will call home in Turkey.

Once you chose the yacht that best suits your needs – you can freely start daydreaming and start packing at your own pace.
Beautiful times are about to come: get prepared for a full enjoyment and an experience that will keep your spirits up for a long, long time.
Bon voyage!

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