Windows 10 was launched in 2015 and since then it has been the ultimate target of all the Windows users. The operating system comes with the features that can make the working more productive and creative. But, the main problem is how to get a genuine version without paying for keys.

The thing that made Windows 10 so popular was that Microsoft declared it their last version of Windows, that means there are no further operating systems will be launched. However, the company is going to keep on updating Windows 10, so that the users can always have a refined and unique experience.

Windows 10 is not an entirely new system; it is a mixture of both Windows 8 and 7. Still, it has some added features as well. The team has added Cortana to  the taskbar. Cortana acts just like Siri and googles assistant. It can help you in finding what you are looking for and keep track of other features as well.

It is necessary now to jump to Windows 10 from previous versions that you are using. This is because nobody wants to miss out on all the recent updates that are coming.


In the initial years when it was launched Microsoft has made it free for all the genuine Windows users to activate Windows 10 on their systems. But, now you have to enter a valid key in order to do so. This is going to cost you some fortune. However, there are some activators that can help you in bypassing the keys and start your genuine version of Windows 10 without paying any money.

There are a number of them you can find on the internet. But, most of these might be a scam and can harm your PC as they contain bugs and malware. KMSpico and kmsauto are the most used and safe windows activators that you can find online.


KMSpico is the most trusted tool that can help you in activating your Windows. What it does is that it actually generates the key itself that is required to activate  Windows 10, thus you don’t have to go through the headache of either finding a key on the internet or paying for one. However, it’s not an official software, as it is not certified by Microsoft.

The best thing about this tool that made it everyone’s top priority is that it is completely free, so you don’t have to pay a single penny to activate the Windows. Besides this, it offers lifetime activation of Windows. This is the problem with other Windows activators they have a lifespan after which the Windows expire.

The software itself is safe to use and there are no malware or bugs that can harm your pc. However, the site from which you are downloading might contain bugs, so always download the software from a valid site.

KMSpico not only helps in activating Windows Os but also other Microsoft products as well.


There is a number of different Windows activator that claims to be the best, but not all are valid. Kmspico is one of the used Windows activators. It is safe to use and completely free.

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