Wild wadi Water Park Dubai: A must place to Visit

Wild wadi Water Park Dubai: A must place to Visit

There is hardly anyone out there who does not love outdoor parks, especially when the park is situated in the most popular city of the world. In that case one can never say never. Wild wadi Water Park is located under the shadow of ever famous Burj Al Arab near Jumeirah hotel. This park is operated by Jumeirah international. This water park is based on story of Sindbad and sailors, figures from story is seen multiple time in the park.

Wild wadi has proven to be the ultimate water fun zone for the whole family. The water used in the water park is more than enough along with many water rides and 24 water upward slides. Few slides are as higher as 33 meters, with speed of 80 km per hour. Park has hired around 90 employees which are there to ensure that everything is going on smoothly. For younger children another side of the water park has been opened, where the slide height is that long and multiple games for kids are offered there. For those who are not adventurous at all, there are some other attractions like swimming pool having waves. Following are some of the largest rides in wild wadi park Dubai

  1. Falaj Fury
  2. Wadi twister
  3. Flood river flyer
  4. Wadi bazher
  5. Wadi leap
  6. Jabel Lookout
  7. Hozn Hurler

Rides in form of ring:

  1. Tumble falls
  2. Rushing Rapids
  3. Falcon fury
  4. Tunnel of Doom

Wild wad ticket is 70 euros for an adult person, children higher than 110 cm are charged with 56 euros. You can also buy the tickets online. All you have to do is to pay in euros for booking the tickets online via credit card.

Wrist bands:

Wild wadi has given the visitors an option of depositing money in the magnetic wrist bands. In this way visitors do not get fussy in carrying wallets during park visit. Even at food stalls, you will be able to pay with your wrist band. The unused credit can be refunded at any time.

Food and Beverages:

The two main restaurants of wild wadi are Juha’s Family Kitchen and Julshan‘s burgers and dogs. The restaurant serve burgers, salad, shawarma and sandwiches.

Wadi cabins:

Wild wadi also offers a place to live in with extra charge. Each cabin can accommodate 8 guests

Changing rooms:

Wild Wadi has different changing rooms for both men and women. Wild wadi also provide with customized size lockers for the visitors.


Wild Wadi water parks is the outdoor park situated in Dubai located in the shadow of Burj Al Arab. This water park has become the visitor’s center of attention. Within affordable price anyone can visit the park. The water park is filled with plenty of rides for fun loving people. Do visit Wild wadi Water Park!

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