Weed Oil and Sleep

Weed Oil and Sleep

We have noticed that many people wonder whether sleeping can sleep too. In our view, the answer is simple and; YES. However, we also know from experience that wet oil is usually not necessary to get a good night’s sleep. Good and pure CBD is often enough. The advantage of CBD relative to weed oil, where THC is the most important ingredient, is that cbd has no addictive effect and does not know any side effects. This while oil made of weed is psychoactive because it is mainly THC. One can therefore be stoned or high of it. This “side effect” of weed oil is often undesirable. Therefore, anyone who is not waiting for it can therefore choose better CBD oil. In addition, it is also true that cottonseed oil is not legally for sale in the Netherlands (only at prescription at the Transvaal Pharmacy in The Hague), with the result that it has to be self-made and thus never certified as the MediHemp cbd oil you enter Our store finds is. We believe that quality must be checked and 100% guaranteed. For this reason we do not offer weed oil  and we advise you to take good care of this if you want to use this kind of oil.

Safe use of CBD and side effects

CBD oil is a safe agent that is also well tolerated by humans in higher concentrations (5% or 10%). There are also no side effects known. Trying out what effect different doses have on you personally is definitely worth considering. Please note that some CBD-containing products contain not only CBD. For example, the RAW CBD oil  from MediHemp, in addition to CBD, includes CBDA and, for example, CBN, CBV and CBG  . This also applies to the oil of many other brands and also to the cbd capsules . However, the biologically certified oil of MediHemp is unique in this respect and contains only pure CBD. In addition, it is advisable to always start with a low dose.

CBD oil experiences

We hear almost every day that people sleep much better by using cbd. If you also have cbd oil experiences, please let us know especially on this blog so that anyone reading this can benefit from this. Any questions about cbd and sleep are also welcome.

For personal advice, you can contact us daily from 08:00 to 20:00 by phone at 085-77 355 37 or you can send us a message  which we will usually answer within 1 hour. We are happy to help you!

Consulted literature

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The information on cbd oil and sleep is not intended for medical advice and may not be considered as such. 

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