Walking through luxury land

Walking through luxury land

Luxury land is magical- gold, silver and all that shimmers! Smart and exquisite watches cater to exclusive tastes of select few creating an aura of subtle charm and chic while panache reins this land of style. Visitors in this land are allowed to be awestruck but a word of caution for the doe-eyed is called for.  Your watch is a window to your personality. Choose wisely!

A commonwealth of this land with some of the finest collections such as those of Rolex, Hublot and Tissot watches is online retail outlet Ethos Watch Boutiques. Besides, if you have a thing for Tissot, you are in for a delightful experience. Read on to learn more about some of their most stunning creations and how to pick the one that fits your bill.

For the newcomer
As someone who has just entered the land and is a stranger to its customs, it is probably easier to play safe and go with what one knows looks great. One gets bold with years, and it is not always a bad thing to test the waters before plunging in, head first.

Tissot T Classic Tradition (Model: T063.637.36.037.00)

A tradition of this land, simple yet classic! This model with a sleek leather belt perfectly complements the rose-gold dial. It is meant for the kings, and is a thing to be proud of. A perfect kick-start to your luxury treasury, it is bound to give you the first-hand experience of royalty.

For the young royal princess
Who said royalty is dead? There may not be monarchy anymore, but we still believe in regality. There is no doubt that this land is for those who like to live lavishly and look no less than a king, or in this case, a young princess who just got her first glimpse of this extraordinary world.

Tissot T Lady T Round (Model: T096.

Youthful and fun, it is the perfect piece for our little teenager who not only loves to have fun, but also look for a certain kind of classy. Spoilt for choices, Tissot presents a number of other alternatives, but this gem with the pink just takes our hearts away!

What do you think, daddy’s little girl?

For the bold rider
For the brave and the bold, the excited and the experimental – Tissot provides a whole range of quirky yet classy options.

Tissot T Sport V8 (Model: T106.417.11.031.00)

A bold choice befitting all young individuals who like to experiment with styles – sporty or otherwise. With a checkered metal belt, it has a blue-bordered dial to add a gush of freshness to the design. A fine choice, it does well to personalities which require an edge in their lives!

For the natural leader
The king of the land – the person who has been in the luxury-land for long enough to know his way around. He is bound to have a choice of his own, bridging from all the decisions he has made in his regime.

Tissot T Classic Everytime (Model: T109.410.33.021.00)

The gold signifies power and taste, and who better than an old resident of the luxury-land to be in possession of it? An intricate belt speaks to the wearer with its elegant simplicity.

For our quintessential queen
Then there are those who are permanent resident to this area, with their airs and graces. Our queens want nothing but perfection, and go to any mile to get that. Sure of their preferences, these fine ladies know exactly what to shop for. Elegant, and outstanding – that is the winning combo for them.

Tissot T Lady (Model:T058.

This one in a million pattern on the strap can take your breath away. The gold just adds shine to the shimmer!

Have a look, enter this mesmerising land. Luxury is not just an element here, it is the general law and order, and you – a proud citizen.

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