Useful Fire Safety Tips for Everyone

Useful Fire Safety Tips for Everyone

You might have seen many shopping plazas and commercial buildings which have emergency exit gates and you can understand the importance of these emergency gates. In case the building catches fire and the atmosphere becomes smoky, the customers and the shopkeepers from the shopping mall or the staff of a factory will rush towards the main exit.

In this situation, it is more likely that there will be a rush on the exit gate and it would be difficult for everyone to get out of the building quickly.

For such situations, emergency gates are used so that when more people rush towards the main exit, some of them can use the emergency exit as well to reduce the load on main exit.

So, if you are building your house or a commercial building for you, you must include more emergency exit gates and the number of gates depends on the area of your building and the workers in that building. More staff is there means more emergency exits are required and all these gates must be easily accessible.

Well, apart from these emergency exits, you must know different things which can provide you and your workers extra fire safety. All your staff must be trained and should know these safety tips. While if you are in your house which don’t have an emergency exit, you and your family members should also know these fire safety tips for easy exit from the house under fire.

Things to Do

  • You must have a plan for a safe exit. There must be a big room where all your family members can get together and this room should be close to the exit.
  • There must be a phone inside the room so that you can immediately call the fire department for help.
  • Try to have a window as well so that you can either escape from there or you can call others for help. A window should be on the outer side so that it also helps you to get fresh air to avoid smoke.
  • When all the house members or the staff members in case of a commercial building gather in the main room, you should close the door and should seal the bottom of the door with the help of towels so that no smoke can get inside the room.
  • Dial the local fire fighter department and tell them your situation, address and the intensity of the fire. Also it is good to tell them how many members are there. Don’t disconnect the call until the operator gets all the information from you.

Things Not to Do

  • Do not enter into the burning house or any other burning building to get your personal items, like if you forget your mobile or wallet, don’t go inside to get that.
  • Never take out the batteries out of the fire alarms to use those batteries in the remote of your TV or wall clock.
  • Don’t put mirrors on the places which are more likely to get fire.
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