The top 9 benefits of a regular spa visit

The top 9 benefits of a regular spa visit

Many people assume that they can only visit a spa when they are on a holiday, or looking to get some grooming done. Well, if what’s just been said rings true for you, then this notion should be looked into and reconsidered.

While there are many cosmetic benefits that one can get from visiting a spa, there are a host of mental and physical benefits that we can obtain through a regular visit as well.  For example, studies have shown that by going to a spa on a bi-monthly basis, a person can effectively jumpstart a healthy lifestyle and even begin their journey towards their personal weight loss goals.

Listed below are some of the prime reasons on how a regular spa visit can help us rejuvenate and recharge our bodies:


  1. Stress Alleviation: this is one of the most important benefits of a spa visit. Statistical data collected from various Sydney spa centres showed that over 88% of all people who visited spas on a weekly basis claimed to have received a host of stress relief benefits. Not only that, these individuals also mentioned that their cognitive functionality as well as their overall sharpness had also increased substantially.


  1. Detoxification Benefits: with the work culture that we are immersed in, our bodies are made to undergo tremendous pressure on a near daily basis. Not only that, unhealthy lifestyle habits like alcohol consumption and smoking can also take a toll on our overall health.

 This is where a spa detox can help cleanse out our bodies in a relaxed, systematic fashion. Scientific data has pointed to the fact that a regular detox can help to clean out toxins and excess fluids from our bodies that can otherwise lead to issues of energy loss, constipation, bloating etc.


  1. Weight Management: many modern spa centres have utilised the services of health/ nutrition experts to assist people with their personal weight loss goals. By combining various spa treatments with a controlled dietary regime, users have the ability to lose a couple of kilos on a near weekly basis. This can help us to not only achieve immediate fat loss, but can also serve as a long term weight management strategy.


  1. Improved Internal Efficiency: while this aspect of spa treatments may not get discussed a lot, studies have clinically proven that a steam bath can improve our circulatory efficiency. This leads to an improved blood transfer ratio within our bodies, as well reduced blood pressure levels.


  1. Anti-Aging: this has been shown to be one of the most popular reasons for visiting a spa. In fact, in a survey conducted in the Sydney/ Wollongong region, it was shown that over 95% of all women undergoing spa treatments were for reducing the visible signs of ageing. Cleansing methods like facials can help in alleviating a host of skin problems and enable us to look our best at all times.
  2. Pain Relief: as we all know, many pain relief methods (modern as well as traditional) utilise heat to alleviate physical discomfort. Thus, one can make use of a wide array of heat treatment means that can help in alleviating issues related to arthritis and nerve problems.


  1. Improved Sleep: sauna visits, heat therapies can help us obtain deeper states of relaxation and calmness. This in turn allows users to obtain better sleep as well as cure a host of other sleep disorders.


  1. Respiratory Cleansing: in over 100 people who were randomly selected across various Melbourne and Sydney spa centres, it was found that over 86% of these individuals experienced more ease in their breathing by undergoing a simple visit to their local sauna. This is because the steam allows for our skin pores and lungs to be cleansed of any toxins, bacteria and other waste accumulations.


  1. Social Aspect: while all of the aforementioned topics are related to our internal health, a spa visit can also become an occasion to catch up with close friends, loved ones or family. Many ‘destination spas’ offer a wide host of activities that can keep us entertained and occupied for the entire day.

In Closing

With all of the data that has just been laid out, we can see that the old notion of a spa being just a ‘beauty centre’ is no longer valid. Hence, if we are looking to seriously get our health back in order, we should maybe consider a weekly or monthly visit to a spa and see how it goes for us.

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