Top 5 Andriod Smartphones Under Your Budget

Top 5 Andriod Smartphones Under Your Budget

When you need to replace or buy a new phone, the first thing which is the milestone is the capital. When you have enough funds for the smartphone, then you will have to go through many options and do your research because it isn’t an easy task to find one decent smartphone for it.

More than hundred new smartphones are released on the market each month, and there is no secret that the branded with essential features are always expensive. So we are going to help you find the right budget and smartphone for you which are known for quality and performance.

Top 5 Andriod Smartphones Under Your Budget

So here are the five Android smartphones, who are known for quality and performance, which you need to consider buying. The experience is way off the charts, and you can expect Mid-Range level smartphone.

Honor 5A

Honor is a new brand, even if they launched in India several years ago but the quality of the smartphone is notable. Honor 5A is a decent smartphone with features that increases the limitation of an Android smartphone.

Display – 5.50-inch Processor – 1.2GHz octa-core Front Camera – 8-megapixel
Resolution – 720x1280PX RAM – 2GB OS – Android 6.0
Storage16GB Rear Camera – 13-megapixel Battery – 3100mAh


Xiaomi Note 4 64GB Internal Memory

Despite being the China brand, they have made a huge impact in the Indian market. There is no slight doubt that Xiaomi has changed Indian smartphone market with their amazing smartphones. No brand is providing features like Xiaomi does. If you want to experience an iPhone quality under 10k then Xiaomi. Did you know that the Xiaomi fingerprint is good as iPhone does? Even the iPhone 6 cannot compete the Xiaomi fingerprint feature.

Display – 5.50 Processor – 2GHz octa-core (8 Cores) Front Camera -5MP
Resolution – 1080×1920 pixels RAM – 4GB OS -Android 6.0


Storage – 64GB Rear Camera – 13MP Battery – 4100


Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime

Samsung is a well-known brand, and it does not need any formal introduction. I have been using Samsung for a long time and the performance is better (It’s not that great but decent).

Display – 5.00 Processor – 1.4GHz quad-core Front Camera -5MP
Resolution – 720×1280 pixels RAM – 2GB OS -Android 6.0
Storage – 16GB Rear Camera – 13MP Battery – 2400


Lenovo K6 Power

Lenovo K6 Power is similar to the K6 Note, but the K6 Power is an improved version of the K6 Note. So you will not have problems which you had in the K6 Note.

Display – 5.00 Processor – 1.4GHz quad-core Front Camera – 8MP
Resolution – 1080×1920 pixels RAM – 3GB OS -Android 6.0
Storage – 32GB Rear Camera – 13MP Battery – 4000


Le Max 2

Le Max feels magnificent in hands, and the performance of the Le Max 2 is decent. You may not be able to play high-end games in high-quality, but if you can adjust to the medium settings, then this is one decent smartphone.

Display – 5.70 Processor – Quad-core Front Camera – 8MP
Resolution – 1440×2560 pixels RAM – 4GB OS -Android 6.0
Storage – 32GB Rear Camera – 21MP Battery – 3100



If your budget is below Rs.20,000 then these smartphone will definitely amuse you and some of the smartphone will definitely interest you. If you need assistance then you can comment below for information.

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