The Best Fall Maintenance Tips For Your Galaxy S9

The Best Fall Maintenance Tips For Your Galaxy S9

The fall is a popular season for homeowners to look to their yards and prepare them for the upcoming winter. But what are you to do when you’re Millennial who still rents, and you have years before you’ll get a foot on the property ladder? Just because you don’t have a home to look after doesn’t mean you don’t have some chores of your own this season.

As one of your biggest assets, the Galaxy S9 in your back pocket needs some fall time maintenance to make it through the winter in its best health, and this guide is here to help. Check in with these essential tips to make sure you and your S9 are ready for the season.

Touchscreen Gloves

It may not feel like it now, but eventually, fall’s subtle chill will turn into winter’s deep freeze. With the next polar vortex basically around the corner, you need to make sure you can operate your Galaxy in comfort no matter what Old Man Winter throws at you. While the S9 comes with hands-free unlocking, you’ll still need to tap out messages the old-fashioned way if expect to respond to the group chat.

To save your fingers from frostbite, you should invest in a pair of Moshi Digits. These cold-weather gloves pull double duty when wrapped around your hands. The dual-layer comes lined with micro-fleece to keep your hands comfortable and warm in any element. More to the point, it’s equipped with the latest haptic tech to make sure you can check Google Maps regardless of snow, sleet, or rain. Each fingertip has conductive fibers woven into its fabric to increase responsiveness. Rather than silicone dots that many of the first touchscreen compatible gloves used, these fibers can’t wear down or fall off; they’re built into the gloves.

Galaxy S9 skins

Why go to all the trouble of protecting your hands against winter conditions if you’re only going to leave your S9 unprotected? If you recognize there’s a problem, S9 wraps or skins can solve it. A Galaxy skin boosts the handset’s natural water resistance while protecting it from wear and tear, including scratches and grime.

The feats of engineering involved in a protective skin come in a small package. This is a blessing to those whose fingers are encumbered by thick gloves and who want to avoid cases that bloat their phone. When you shop from a company like dbrand, you won’t add any bulk to the S9. In fact, if it weren’t for their premium textures and colors, you could easily mistake your phone for being completely naked. That’s because the best skins Galaxy S9 owners can use measure in the micro-millimeters.

Luckily, if you want to add a bit of flair to show off your phone, you can customize your Samsung Galaxy in an eye-catching design. Exclusive patterns like bamboo, dragon skin, and black camo can be a shot in the arm that sends your winter blues away.

Headphones that match your headgear

Soon you’ll be wearing all manner of hats — from skull-tight beanies to fur-lined aviator caps. Whatever keeps you warm, right? Well, yes and no. It depends on your listening style. You might be ready to invest in any headgear that will keep the frostbite away, but it can be a challenge to wear your usual over-the-ear headphones if you opt for a bulky hat.

Wireless earbuds are a great way to circumvent your dangling ear flaps and still hear your episode of 2 Dope Queens. While Samsung offers perfectly serviceable wireless earbuds, you can find stylish alternatives at a fraction of the cost. A pair of the Tozo T8s delivers beautiful sound performance in a discreet package no larger than a quarter. Their battery also lasts twice as long as Samsung’s, and they come in a charging case that provides 2–3 full charges without plugging in.

A battery pack

You aren’t the only one to feel a little sluggish when the temperatures drop below zero. Your battery performance might drop along with the mercury. Released in March of 2018, the S9’s battery hasn’t experienced the winter stress test yet. However, the S8 and Note 8 both suffered from the deep chill. While Samsung hasn’t released any official word about its handsets’ cold weather performance, its lithium-ion batteries should tolerate temperatures around 32°F or O°C without issue. It’s only when temperatures dip below -4°F or -20°C that it will drain faster.

The good news is these issues are only temporary and are limited to the time your phone is exposed to these temperatures. The bad news is it’s still annoying when your phone dies randomly due to the cold. If you expect to spend a lot of time outdoors despite the deep freeze, you should invest in a battery pack like the RAVPower Wireless Portable Charger. This 10,400mAh Qi-enabled unit can charge your phone wirelessly up to three times, so it’s a great addition to your outdoor plans whatever they are — whether you’re walking downtown or ice fishing on a remote lake.

The bottom line? You need to winterize your phone

Though you probably don’t want to think about cold weather and deep snow, it’s on its way — sooner rather than later. It’s important you take the time now to prepare for these winter conditions, so you and your gear aren’t surprised by their arrival. Just like your home, your Galaxy needs a little help when it comes to standing up to Old Man Winter.

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