Gorilla Glass – Protecting Your Phones from Fatal Falls

One of the biggest reserves most of us have against purchasing the very coveted and very innovative
iPhone happens to be is its very delicate screen. One accidental 4 ft. drop onto the asphalt is much
capable of killing the smartphone by shattering its screen completely.

When someone has spend a minimum of $200 to gain access to some of the most used and novel
smartphones known to man, it is heart breaking to see it bite the dust due to fragile screen. This
makes the invention of the gorilla glass both unique as well as a really useful invention in itself. Now,
with 4.6 billion portable cellular devices like smartphones and tablets already is circulation courtesy
of Corning there are thousands of people of the planet who are enjoying using the smartphone as
they please without the fear of it accidently slipping from their hands and smashing open on the
concrete, bearing a crack pattern on the screen that astonishingly resembles the spry pathways of a


Currently on its fifth generation, saying that the gorilla glass has taken over the world of
smartphones by storm is the understatement of the century. Made from a technique known as
fusion forming which involves using sand along with various other inorganic materials fused together
in a melting pot is what makes this glass completely flawless and crack resistant. Furthermore, the
gorilla glass gains its surface strength by being immersed in hot potassium, salt ion based exchange
bath which gives it the ability to bear flaws and become scratch resistant.


tempered-gorilla-glass-screen-protector-for-samsung-galaxy-s5-active-g870-f0ce5a3e0c91a7c45c255a8b91757cc2What we know today as Gorilla Glass has for long been in circulation as a muscled glass called the
Chemcor which was used in the early 1990s as an industrial grade glass. It wasn’t until the year 2005
that experiments begun, aiming at making this glass thin enough to be able to be used in
smartphones. Initially it was in experimental phase and not many people knew about it until Apple
specifically asked Corning to provide them with a glass that could work as the touch screen of the
new iPhone. It was then the gorilla glass came into existence as well as commercial use.

To cut the long story short, from 2012 onwards further modifications were made to the glass to
make it tougher, more scratch proof and shatter proof and all around more durable and today we
have a glass that is capable of withstanding 20 hard drops from waist level and shoulder level
heights (as that is usually how high we hold our smartphones and tablets) with the surface
remaining scratch free more than 80% of the time. Furthermore, the devices that are said to be
equipped with the latest versions of the gorilla glass are said to be twice as strong as the ones
currently in circulation.

All of that seems reason enough for Ford to invest in a modified version of the gorilla glass
technology by Corning for the front and rear windshields going on its Ford GT sports car that is being
launched sometime in 2016.


Up top we have already mentioned how the gorilla glass works and what it is made of in not so many
words. Now here is a look at its various advantageous features.

  • As already said, the gorilla glass is scratchproof, but since the latest version has only been
    tested in lab based conditions, one can say that it is only 80% scratchproof which makes its
    abilities comparatively quite scratch resistant compared to the models in circulation.
  • It is harder and tougher – meaning that it is more flexible than its predecessors and is
    capable of surviving more falls and hits before cracking.
  • It is quite thinner when compared to a normal glass yet its slim frame should not be taken
    for its fragility and it is ten times as strong.

Even though it requires more in terms of its complicated manufacturing process, the chemicals
involved are expensive and are required in high quantities and the energy requirement is also over
the top, but the benefits one can reap from this product is over the top, making all such
requirements worth it.

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