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Why you feel congestion during your pregnancy period?

Things you may do for relief.

Are there any medications you can take?

  • Why you feel congestion during your pregnancy period?

It’s a very common problem for pregnant ladies. Up to 30 percent women face this problem during their pregnancy. This problem is also named as: rhinitis of pregnancy. Congestion starts without having any kind of allergies or viral infection like cold.

Most probably it start in second month of pregnancy and just gone worse later in pregnancy. During pregnancy hormones usually cause inflammation in the nasal passage which causes a blocked nose because amount of blood usually increased during pregnancy.

  • Things you may do for relief


If you have no other symptoms of any kind of viral infection then there is chance that you have rhinitis of pregnancy. In this condition you must drink plenty of fluid like water or fresh juices and keep your head elevated at night during sleep. These tips can also help you to get rid of stuffy nose:

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Slain drops or buffered nasal sprays

Slain drops contain salt solutions. After using them you will surely see the results within few minutes (most probably 5 to 10 minutes).

You can also use some kind of nasal spray recommended by your doctor. You may find this stuff from any medical store or grab it from drugstore.

Steam inhaling

Steam is also very useful for congestion. Just put boiling water in a bowl and place your head over the bowl and try inhaling the stream. Inhale in and out that will also help you to blow well. Make sure that you cover your head with towel or some other thick cloth which resist the steam of water. It helps relief the nasal congestion.

You may also add drop of menthol oil in the water.

Elevate your head

As I mentioned above elevate your head for relief. Use pillows to raise your head it will also makes you to feel better.

Hydrate yourself


Make sure that you drink plenty of water as it not only reduces the congestion but also it’s good for baby and for your skin too.

No irritants

Avoid smoking, alcohol, paints, drugs, strong smelling agents as all these can cause congestion.

  • Are there any medications you can take?

If your congestion is continuously irritating you then you will go to your consultant and ask him for some medication but it’s better to avoid medicines in early stages of pregnancy because at that time baby’s organs are forming. So just try to use natural things and medications to stop congestion.


  • Some more useful tips for pregnant ladies
  1. Drink plenty of water at least 10 to 12 glass a day because water is much more need of your body.
  2. Eat 5 or 6 healthy meals a day because you need a lot of food for your baby.
  3. Exercise is the important for healthy pregnancy. just to any browser and search for “Exercise for pregnant women”.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes during pregnancy and don’t hang your feet because it causes the swelling of your feet.
  5. Don’t drink alcohol and stop smoking.
  6. Avoid medications in the early stages of your pregnancy because in early 4 months baby’s bones are forming so just take folic acid and calcium for your baby but with the recommendation of your consultant.
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