Social Networks on Virtual Reality Platforms

Social Media has definitely made our lives easier, where it was difficult to keep in touch with people over faraway places before; thanks to various social media platforms it is now much easier and convenient. All sorts of social media was developed with that very idea in mind to allow people to connect over the internet and socialize, while it has worked greatly many criticize that it has cut us off from the real world or that the social media is too artificial and not immersive enough. Though those complains are true to a large extent, there is however a solution to some of those complaints. A solution that is the most immersive to date that is commonly known as Virtual Reality.


One of the most commonly known virtual reality devices is the Oculus Rift made by the company Oculus VR which since the year 2014 is under control of one of the most popular and biggest social media networks, which has the solution to our connectivity problems by combining both elements together. They even showed a working example of the concept at F8 in April where Facebook’s CTO Mike Schroepfer met with product Michael Booth who was actually 30 miles away at Facebook’s HQ, they were able to interact with one another inside a virtual reality social environment where they went inside several 360-degree photos. Though still in its prototype stages it’s important to note how massive the scope of the project is, this could mean that if you went out to have dinner somewhere and posted a status online with the place’s location, your friends would be able to interact with you by virtually joining you in that place, with the use of 360-degree photos or in the future we could have live 360-degree video of sorts so they can see and experience what you are doing. If your friends went on a vacation to let’s say the tropics you could in a way join them virtually. Live video, 360-degree photos and virtually reality are all realities if today and countless people use them every day so in the near future virtual reality based social media may be a possibility. Though Facebook might be still in developmental stages there is however a social media already out there which uses the same concept that was shown at the F8, a social network by the name of vTime which has launched Oculus Rift support. Though they are functional they still have a long way to go to becoming fully functional immersive virtual reality social networks.

Though the idea takes care of immersion, it still hasn’t solved the problem that people will be disconnected from the real world, which is a harsh truth which becomes more apparent as more advances in technology are done. What will happen in the future, will the social networks based on virtual reality become a reality or will they remain stuck in the developmental stages, that is an answer that only time will tell, for now all we can do is wait.

There is actually a social media marketing agency that states they can provide real Twitter followers when Twitter hits the VR helmets to stay competitive in the VR social media marketing scene.

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