Should You get a Divorce?

Should You get a Divorce?

In modern times, it is getting harder and harder to tell what appropriates a divorce and what does not. On that note, it is also becoming increasingly difficult to tell whether the actions of ourselves or our partner are hinting at some deeper rooted problems that may be too far-gone to resolve.

Spending our lives trying to get ahead of the times within the same breath as finding love that lasts is becoming an increasingly more impossible task, it seems. But before you go straight to ggoogling “Divorce Lawyer Sydney”, perhaps you want to take a quick look at this list of signs you should be looking for that your relationship is in need of some serious renovations.

  1. You’ve Uncoupled

If one or both of you has become distant or seemingly there is a relief evident in either of you when you are no longer spending time together; for instance, you, or your partner, tend to prefer time online, time with friends or time at work over face to face time with your significant other, then this is a major sign that you’ve simply become distant over time.

This could also be a sign of one of you going through some mental stress or other problems however, so it is usually best to talk to your partner and find out what they feel first. If this is the case, you should both be of the understanding that it is neither party’s fault for this having happened. Discuss this with each other and if this is the case, be thankful that the relationship is ending on this peaceful term.

2. A Lack of Respect has Developed

Something CRUTIAL to the success of a relationship is the importance of mutual respect between one another that provides a comfort which enables each partner to trust the other with their deepest feelings. Once this mutual respect is gone, it can be hazardous.

A relationship without mutual respect is toxic and usually consists of one partner feeling consistently rejected, targeted and condescended to which ends in arguments that are no longer civil, they are a constant attack and defend battle which neither partner feels happy as a result of.

3. Infidelity

This one should be obvious, though for the most part, many find it quite difficult to notice or accept. Infidelity is an ENORMOUS hurdle for any relationship and whether it ends the relationship or not, it will continue to be an issue unless solved. The problem is, most couples believe that once the act has been done, they can salvage their relationship.

This is not always the case. When one or both parties has been unfaithful, it can lead to some serious emotional problems, resulting in a pretty miserable time. In most cases, this is a sign the relationship needs to come to a stop and both parties need to move on.

4. Children

 Having kids is a huge decision. Not to be taken lightly; not only because it is a human life that comes into question, but because there are 3 (or more) human lives involved that will be changed forever.

If both sides of the relationship disagree with one another on the topic of children, this can be a huge sign that the relationship is heading south. This is because relationships are about mutual give and take. It is about providing for your partner whilst also providing yourself your own wants and desires.

This becomes a huge issue when couples face disagreement on whether or not to have kids, because the choice will significantly disrupt the plans of one of the parties. Best discussed between yourselves, it is best to make sure you are both fully understanding of each other’s standing point when it comes to this issue so that a solution can be resolved from there. You should also seek for child custody and fathers rights from your lawyer.

5. Technology

 Everyone has been out with a friend or someone close and they just can’t seem to keep their head out of their phone. For many, this seems fairly normal however in a marriage setting, is actually quite detrimental to the relationship, as each partner could be doing it or simply one or the other.

Without intentionally sending the message, what spending too much time on devices could be telling you is that technology has become an escaping mechanism for you and/or your partner to escape intimacy between the two of you and excuse not communicating face-to-face.

Realising this early on and hitting it on the head may help stop it from causing any real damage to your relationship. However if this is already getting too far-gone, it might be time to start chatting a bit more about the state of your relationship.

If you are experiencing one or more of these things, chances are it may be time for a reassessment of your relationship. This is always difficult as it seems as though you’re ending something that has a strong binding to it; though often it can be found that the strength binding the relationship has been long gone if these things are already evident in day to day life.

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