Services provided by pest control companies

There are different services provided by pest control companies. Even some specialize in a particular type of pest.

To hire any of the services, you need to make sure about the professionalism of the company. Ask information or request to talk directly with the responsible officials, measuring, in a way, the ability they possess.

Note, too, if employees have appropriate material own health protection, since this control is the company’s responsibility. Products used for pest control are mostly harmful to human health when exposure is frequent.


Also, dedetizadora should do prior visit to the environment to ensure the most appropriate methodology for each case.

Check document compliance with the environmental state agency in the region where demand service. That body responsible for overseeing dedetizadora companie.

 To run a pest control company must have health license with expiration date on a yearly basis. This license is issued by the Sanitary Vigilance and must be arranged in a visible place for the consumer.

Furthermore, you should issue a descriptive report of the procedures performed, which must be signed by a qualified service technician responsible.

Products used in fumigation can cause risks to human health and domestic animas, so all precautions should be taken to avoid poisoning by ingestion, inhalation or skin absorption.

Check out the tips of the Health Surveillance for the consumer to hire a pest control company:

– Make sure the work of the executor is properly uniformed with safety equipment such as goggles, gloves, masks, boots and overalls.

– Make sure the products are registered with the Ministry of Health, the information should be in the package.

– Do not accept the suggestion to stay with the rest of the material applied to use it if insects reappear.

– Remove children and pets from the site during fumigation and keep them away, at least for 6 hours after process as guidance professionals.


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