Raw and Rugged Creative Skull Necklaces and Pendants by Belinda Jewelz

Skull or skull cross necklaces/pendants are categorized as biker jewelry whereby it is usually worn by bikers as they go on adventures and expeditions on their high powered bikes – skull necklaces also fall under the category of rock ‘n’ roll jewelry as they are inspired by the people crooning this genre of music.

Silver skull necklaces/pendants owe their styles to a variety of macabre traits. That’s what defines skull necklaces – non conservative and carrying with them bold statements, rebellious and dangerous nature as well as masculine weight that is substantially discernible.

Sterling silver is the most suited precious metal to make skull necklaces as the shapes and sizes are chunky and heavy. Sterling silver skull necklaces embody the element of wildness, the perfect image for a biker who lives life on the road, looking at mortality face to face. The style that silver skull pendants render is the wearer, particularly bikers being fearless and resilient come what may.

But, one does not necessarily be a biker or live life on the intensely rugged road to flaunt sterling silver skull pendants. Silver skull pendants represent freedom and independence as a part of biker jewelry repertoire. One can be a non biker and still appreciate the style of skull pendants by donning them – they go very well with tattoos.

The motif of skull pendants is intrinsically skeletal but at the same time other components are incorporated to detail the designs – the components include fire, roses, daggers, roses, dragons, wings, eagles, lion heads and many more boldness incurring motifs. Sterling silver skull pendants often have patina on them which brings out highly appreciable contrast which biker jewelry fans adore.

Style is something that keeps evolving and changing – sterling silver skull pendants don’t escape this progress. That said, skull pendants are here to stay as an integral part of biker and rock ‘n’ roll jewelry.

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