Primary research for your Masters Dissertation

Primary research for your Masters Dissertation

Masters dissertation reveals that a person has gained the required knowledge, skill set and is able to identify specific research areas. Dissertation being the last stage of the master’s degrees provides a platform to present the required information gained in form of research project.  Dissertations are presented in formal way following the rules set for them. A typical master dissertation includes a formal introduction of the research, a good literature review, research methodology that will adopted followed by data analysis and discussion section. Finally comes in the conclusion section and recommendations by the author.

research for your Masters Dissertation

Primary Research

Primary research is carried out for the purpose of your research and study. It is a source of gaining new knowledge. The primary data does not already exist unlike the secondary data. It is basically your own work which may be qualitative, quantitative or may be combination of both. Qualitative data is finding out what people think about various issues, their opinions, studying their emotions, why people behave as they do. Quantitative data includes data including amount, anything that is measurable or question involving numerical information.

Primary data sources can be:                                                                                                a)Interviews                                                                                                               –




Key points to remember while collecting primary data

  • Prepare good and relevant questions
  • Ask your supervisor o check the questions and suggest any changes
  • Finding suitable interviews
  • Inform the interviewees or people that you are student (not professional researchers)
  • Leave a good impression as you might have to re-interview.
  • Always present the data based on facts
  • Important thing is that stick rigidly to your questionnaire
  • Ensure the transparency of your primary date collection

It is important that incase the dissertation comprises of primary data the process of collecting data should be initiated right away as generating data takes a lot of time This might take a longer time than anticipated. While collecting information it is always good to keep under considerationthe busy schedule of people to be interviewed along with getting the forms filled out. Always keep the below points in mind while collecting data for your research

  • Data collection methods should coincide with your research topic and methodology
  • Identify any ethical issues while collecting the data
  • Draft a contingency plan if people refuse to participate
  • Maintain the record and always use the questionnaire in the appendix section of the dissertation

Positive Attitude   Conducting primary research is not an easy task. Not all people are welcoming and will easily answer the questions. Some might not be interested at all and refuse to give interview while others might answer the questions with least interest. This should not be taken seriously and one should remain motivated. At times analysis of a sullen interviewee might generate interesting ideas for the dissertation. Your positive attitude will lead to the successful completion of your primary data collection.

Role of Supervisor                                                                                                                               Bring in your supervisor at every step to ensure that you are going in the right direction. Supervisors cannot plan, design or formulate your dissertation however their guidance and academic experience can help you get the right path. The supervisor is a source of expert information and can direct you after listening to your ideas. In simple words they help you implement your thoughts.

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