How pleasant smells impact your brain

How pleasant smells impact your brain

Many people are conscious about how scent and fragrance of flowers can impact our daily routine work and does it have any effect on our brain and other health issues. Various studies and surveys have been made on this unique phenomenon, few people think that it is just a myth and Stereotype but studies have shown that there is some reality and it’s not just a myth. Various studies have shown that a beautiful smell can help us in lowering stress, it can wakes you up, or it can also boost the attraction towards something which is not very attractive without that smell.

It is also said that smell and fragrance have no direct impact on us, rather we need to learn and need to associate that smell with something good or bad. The smell does not affect us like a drug and it is not necessary that same smell have same effect on different brains and different persons. As I said earlier that you have to associate a particular smell with something you like o dislike. It’s just like if you go to the hospital for the first time, you will feel a particular smell over there but it doesn’t have any effect on you. But for a patient who lives in a hospital for few days, that smell has negative impact on his brain and after he gets well and visits the hospital after a long time he will ultimately feels ill due to that smell which he has associated in his mind with the illness.

The smell can also have effect on our sleep and the dreams as well, most of the dreams are because of our thinking and our work routine but a beautiful fragrance around the bed during sleep time can influence the mood and as a result it can also have a good effect on our dreams. It can also have effects on the emotions like lavender smell activates the feel-good hormones that make us happier whereas smell of roses can lower the blood pressure.

Smell can affect how we spend:

A study made at a casino of Las Vegas has proves that smell can effect on how we gamble. In this study it is found that there was a 50% increase in money gambled when a pleasant scent was sprayed around the tables and slot machines. A study made in Chicago University has proved that a smell can affect on our shopping, what we buy how much we spend. When a pair of shows presented to shoppers they disliked it, but to all those people when same pair of shows were presented in front of them in a different room having pleasant smell in that, they changed their mind and select the same pair of shows even when extra 10£ price was added in the price of that pair.

Smell can affect the Memory:

It is believed that smell has direct effect on our brain and brain has associated that smell with a specific incident of our life or a memory. This is the reason that smells and scents have been used in therapy for those persons who have lost memory. Smells have a strong bonding with our emotions that is why they affect the memories as well.

Smell affects the emotions:

This is very obvious that smell can affect the love and other emotions that is why we always express our love by giving a rose to the person who we love. Whether it is a valentine’s day or that big day of wedding night, we always prefer to spray a pleasant smell around the bed or in the room and also use flowers to have pleasant smell around us because we know that smell have good affect on our emotions and it can also increase the love feelings for our partner.

Smell can reduce your stress:

A study in Thailand has shown that smell of roses can reduce the blood pressure and also reduces the breath rate. This is all because your brain has associated the smell with calmness and good feelings. The beautiful smell of vanilla can also have a calming effect on a person and this is proved by Tubingen University research. Same like vanilla it is also proved in a research at University of California that coffee also have a calming effect.

Smell can also affect insomnia:

A study in Maryland University has proved scientifically that lavender’s fragrance can affect insomnia, anxiety and stress. The researches have said that:

“There is now scientific evidence to suggest that aromatherapy with lavender may slow the activity of the nervous system, improve sleep quality, promote relaxation, and lift mood in people suffering from sleep disorders.”

Fragrance can help in deep sleep:

The fragrance of jasmine is believed to provide you a relaxing feeling and a restful night due to which you can have a good sleep and the next day will be more refreshing because of a good sleep. In different experiments it is found that jasmine scent helps the brain waves to work properly which are associated with the deep sleep. So if you use a few drops of jasmine oil and spray it around your bed or on your pillow it will have positive effect on your sleep and you will feel relaxed.

So here you have some proofs and different researches in different universities which have proved that smell, scent or fragrance can affect your mood, it can release your stress, it makes you feeling more relaxed and it is also associated with your emotions and your memory. You expressions are also depended on the smell you have at that specific time and how do you feel is also directly associated with the pleasant or unpleasant smell.

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