Pitbull Puppies for Sale 

Pitbull Puppies for Sale 

When it comes to Pit Bulls they are the most understood dog breed so far. With all these understandable behavior there is still some residing misunderstanding regarding this dog.  This article is mainly about the brief information of Pitbull puppies for sale. So, keep reading and know what you don’t.

What are Pit Bull dogs?

This dog was bred to perform various activities. The original pit bull breeds were produced as fighting dogs that came as a result of bull baiting dogs being crossbred. Different breeds of Pitbull were used as hunters, catch dogs, livestock drivers and family pet.

Who are we?

We are the Pitbull breeders currently situated in Florida. We are located in small town of North-Central Florida known as Hawthorne. We can ship almost anywhere in USA (shipping charges apply). We are dedicated in breeding good quality, muscled, family oriented, chubby, healthy and fully functional XL Pitbulls and bully pit puppies. We held our first blood line in 2011. From then onwards we have worked day and night in coming up with the perfect Pitbull dogs. Our blue nose Pitbull is known for its function, health, positive energy, loyalty, smartness, happy mood and handsome looks. We are striving day and night in producing the most perfect XL and XXL pit bull blood line.

Here are some of the Pitbull puppies that we are selling right now:

Big Blue Pit Bull known as “Moses”

This is one of those Pitbull puppies for sale which is the grandson of Juggernaut. Our Moses is very big just like the grandfather. Mosses’ father is from juggernaut family and mother is from comet family which is another top dog producing breed in dog community. Current weight of Mosses is 115 pounds and will go to 120 pounds

Blue Bully Pitbulls

Being a small family gives us more time to explore our dogs. Blue Bully Pitbull is very healthy and muscular. We are offering a limited number of these dogs right now. The more exertion they do the happier they remain. Our champion dog in this class is Tank and he is ABKC champion as depicted by name. His father was a champion too.  The muscle tone of this dog is pretty impressive. We hope his pups are as perfect as he is. Another dog worth mentioning in this category is GKs Malachi. He is 8 months old with a weigh of 95 pounds. Good thing is that he is not at all aggressive and only likes to play with his toys and other dogs. He is not only handsome with all the muscles but also with an awesome pedigree. He is a 1005 Blue carrier and will produce pure blues with another blue carrier.

Malachi’s Sire

Sire’s father is BGK Fatboy; it is one of the most renowned Bully Pitbull. He is an enormous dog which keeps his looks clean. Fatboy is around 130 pounds in weight. BGK’s Fatboy’s have produced excellent generation and we hope the same from sire. This blood line is promising in every way possible

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