Photo Booth Hire Company – 8 things to think about when hiring one!

Photo Booth Hire Company – 8 things to think about when hiring one!
  1. Is the Venue Suitable

The obvious thing would be to let the venue know that you will be hiring a booth but there are other things you do need to consider. Think about whether there will be enough space for the build up and take down of the booth and make sure you get the dimensions from the photo booth company.

2. Liability Insurance

We all know that it is highly unlikely for an incident to occur but what if it does? Every Photo Booth company should have liability insurance, don’t be afraid to ask for a copy. Make sure you send the copy by email to the venue so that you are fully covered.

3. Access to the Venue

This is really something I would expect the Photo Booth company to ask you but if they don’t make sure you find out from the venue where the Booth should be unloaded and what is the best way to enter the premises. If it is a wedding, make sure you provide the Photo Booth company the details for the organiser. The last thing you want on your wedding day is your Photo Booth attendant walking around trying to find out where to set up.

4. Electrical points and Extension leads

In most scenarios the Photo Booth company will with have extension leads but it is really important to find out from the venue about electrical points. If the Booth company doesn’t have access to electrical points, they won’t be able to set up.

5. PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing)

Many hotels and other venues will ask if the equipment for the Photo Booth is PAT tested. You can ask the Photo Booth Hire Company for a certificate or they can liaise directly with the venue. Doing so will make sure there are no hiccups on the night!

6. Payments

Some Photo Booth companies like to be paid part of invoice by cash on the day. If this is the case, make sure you have the money ready before hand as they won’t start setting up until they have been paid the full amount. Check what the agreement is and whether it is cash on the day or money paid by card before the day.

7. Parking

Find out from the venue if there is specific parking for the Photo Booth Hire Company. If you are hiring a photo booth in London, you will have to consider paying for parking as well as potentially congestion charge on behalf of the Photo Booth Company.

8. Have Fun!

Finally make sure you have fun! Take loads of pictures, use all the props and have a great time! Make sure to get prints for you guest and your guest album as well as electronic copies! Whether it’s is a Magic Mirror, Oval Booth or Pop Up Booth, Photo Booths always adds a lot more fun to any kind of event!

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