Some on-page SEO ranking techniques that will boost your website ranking

SEO is the term where you have everything to improve your website ranking. On-page and off-page, these are two basic terms that can be used to rank your website.


Is on-page SEO important then off-page SEO?

On-page SEO is based on techniques or settings that can apply to websites. You can use these techniques outside the boundaries of the website is called Off-page SEO. No doubt to get more exposure in the search engine you need to use both terms, but according to my point of view, on-page SEO is most important than off page SEO.

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There are some On page SEO techniques that rank your website well.

Content is king:

Good & quality content is the basic of the website. Quality content is best to rank a website with SEO or without it. Make sure your content should have these specifications when you are going to use for On-page, no doubt this is the age of technology.

Your content should original (plagiarism free). Write something creative, don’t rewrite other site content, because if your written content or idea has been published another website already, that’s not good for your website ranking. Content should be useful and well researched.


When you are going to publish your content, you should add a description, Title, images and major headings as well. When search engine read your content, it should specify what is your content all about.

Internal linking:

Linking to the pages on your website is the important factor. In this way, the search engine will let know about your other pages as well. You can tell search engine, how many important page you have. You can increase time limit on your website of users also.

Authorship and speed

After the release of plugin 2.0 and web 2.0 sites, there are two important SEO techniques in 2016. Google is investing a large amount of money to make browser fast. So we know the website speed matters when we talk about the ranking of a website. If the user come on your website and it will appear after a long time, it seems bad. To this website, the owner should add speed to their accounts.

No doubt on-page phase is the best phase when we are talking about website ranking, your chance of success depends on the ranking, if your website is not properly ranked, the success chances can minimize.

You can make a proper checklist, to apply before publishing a page. Content should original and well searched. The content should be unique, proper title and formatting. Interlinking, URL structure, and speed or authorship are also need to check. Overall both factor is vital to rank your website Off page and On page SEO. When your success is totally depending on your website, you should properly rank it first. To make a website is an easy task, but make your website rank is not an easy task on 2016. Many competitors need to beat you in every phase of life.

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