Muslim Prayer Times NYC Schedule in USA

Muslim Prayer Times NYC Schedule in USA

Prayer Times in NYC

Muslims live all over the world and prayer is the part of the religion Islam that the Muslims cannot ignore at any cost. Allah has ordered Muslims to offer prayers and in the Holy Quran, there are many verses about the importance of prayers. Therefore; here I have shared Prayer Times in NYCfor the Muslims living in New York City.


Prayer Times in New York and Other Countries

Prayer Times in NYCand in other parts of this world cannot remain same throughout the year. The times to offer prayers five times a day are calculated by looking at the sun. There is a different prayer time schedule each day. Prayer Times NYC and in all other countries keep on changing slightly.

Muslims offer five obligatory prayers each day and the time to offer each prayer Fajr, Zuhr, Asar, Maghrib, and Isha is different each day. Here you will find the guide about Prayer Times in NYC. You will find here that how to know about Prayer Times in NYC.

The Morning Prayer

At the beginning of the day, the time to offer the Morning Prayerof the day starts.To offer Morning prayer, the time limit is the time between thebreaking of the dawn and sunrise. There are four Rakats in Fajr prayer. Offering Fajr prayer is a good way in Islam to start your day by worshipping Allah and by beating Satan.

The Noon Prayer

After the morning prayer, the Muslims offer noon prayer. Muslims offer this prayer when it is noon. Therefore; the name of this prayer of the day is also noon prayer. The decline of the sun from its zenith indicates the start time to offer the noon prayer. One can offer the noon prayer till midday.

The Afternoon Prayer

After the noon prayer, it is the time to offer the afternoon prayer. There are four Rakats in the afternoon or Asar prayer. With the end of the time to offer noon prayer, the time to offer the afternoon prayer starts. The end time of the afternoon prayer is just before sunset.

The Evening Prayer

Muslims offer a prayer in the evening. Therefore; the name of this prayer is Maghrib or the evening prayer. There are three Rakats in the evening prayer. Right after the sunset, one can offer the evening prayer. A little before the spreading of the complete darkness of the sky, the evening prayer time ends.

The Night Prayer

The next prayer after the evening prayer the Muslims offer is the night or Isha prayer. When complete darkness has spread on the sky, it is the time one can offer Isha prayer. The time of the night prayer extends to dawn time.

This is all about Prayer Times in NYC. If you do not offer prayers on time, it is also a sin. For Muslims, offering prayers on time is as essential as to offer prayers. Always rememberthese prayer timings and always perform your prayers on their exact times.

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