Medical Practice Management Software

Medical Practice Management Software

This is also known as PMS. It lies in the category of health care software. The aim behind using this software is to deal with day to day task of medical practice. There are a number of tasks these kinds of software are able to perform like patient demographic, patient appointment schedule, insurance statement and billing task with generating reports.

What is eClinic?

It is like a virtual medical clinic or hospital with medical practice management software. eClinic is one of the leading software available for medical practice management.This software is totally customizable and interconnected so you can have à la carte integrated solution; it even has a mobile app. eClinic is available on-premise as well as on cloud installation and is available in many languages, including English, French, and Spanish.

This eClinic Systems Software includes:

  • OPD Managementsystem: IPD -registration occur when a patient comes for admission in the hospital. The new registration number is provided to each Thus no chaos or error occurs over registration number duplication. All information of each patient gets saved in the system for further assistance.
  • IPD Management: It is a billing system created for patients. The services that patient use like room rent, consultation, operation or delivery, is charged accurately without information doubling.
  • Laboratory Management: all the patient requests for lab test are directly sent to the laboratory from the patient through this software.
  • RadiologManagement: If a person books a radiology test this software automatically send a request to the radiology department of the hospital.
  • Pharmacy management: Complete pharmacy can be run with this particular module. If a patient buys the medicines from the pharmacy, the charges are automatically added to his bill by the amazing software.
  • Ward management
  • Online appointments
  • Secured messaging system
  • Doctor portal
  • MRD Management: History of patients is kept in this software. Data analysis can also be done on any of the fields. It also keeps the everyday record of consultation.
  • PACs system
  • Accounting Management: All the financial information regarding expenses, payments can be fed in this software. Information can be directly sent from OPD to the IPD department.
  • Payrolls/HR: this software can modulate complete salary of the medical employee. Each necessary format can be generated via this software.
  • HL7 interface.

Benefits of eClinic Systems:

  1. It is beneficial for easy access to Doctors. It helps in generation of diverse patient record and classification on the basis of demographics, gender, age,
  2. It also support the authorities of hospital to generate comprehensive policies related to health care
  3. It helps in an efficient and valid administration of finance, medical aid distribution and the diet of the patients. Overall it provides us with a broad picture of hospital growth
  4. It has also contributed in an upgraded monitoring of drug usage and its effectiveness. Not just that now medicine world is able to produce drugs with minimal adverse effects and the pharmaceutical products are accommodated perfectly.
  5. With this software, we are able to manage the information very well. Transcription errors and duplication in the information of patients have reduced drastically.
  6. The medical software reduces the chances of handwriting confusions that cause major errors. It gives an efficient performance that takes out information from the cloud servers.


As with the advancement of the computer world, nothing is impossible now. In this article, we have given general information on Medical practice management software. This software has made the life of several easy. It has made the day to day task in medical practice easy.

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