Mastering the First 5 Seconds of Communication

Mastering the First 5 Seconds of Communication

As someone observes you for the first time, what do they see? Some of us put a great deal of effort into looking nice every day, while others don’t like my uncle Adam, but one thing is certain, you are being judged before you open your mouth. These initial assumptions people make about you are called snap judgments. Now there are certain attributes that we don’t have much control over, for example in business taller men have an advantage over shorter men and attractive people have an advantage over others during initial contact. Although some people have a built-in advantage, there are a number of ways to overcome them and minimize snap judgments as you improve your chances of creating a great first impression before you say a word.


In the book, First Impressions for the Business Professional – Why Some of Us Excel and Most of Us Fail, provides an in-depth look into reducing snap judgments, to instantly create a great first impression.

The e-book outlines the key areas you should work on to reduce snap judgments within the first 3-5 seconds.

Let’s take a quick look at a few of them now.

  1. Appearance
  • Below are the areas you should be aware of when focusing on your appearance
  • – Health
  • – Grooming
  • – Wardrobe
  1. Posture
  • Straight posture = Confidence
  • Slumped posture = Not Confident
  1. Gestures
  • Using gestures are important as they send real time messages to the other person at the conscious and unconscious level.
  1. Face
  • Your face sends a number of signals within seconds that you should always be aware of.
  • – Eye Contact – 70% is recommended
  • – Smile – Creates an inviting environment
  • – Facial Expressions – Conveys your emotions

Key Lesson: As you look to make a great business first impression, you can’t eliminate snap judgments but you can minimize them.


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