Marko Stout Rocks the Art World

Marko Stout Rocks the Art World

A recent article in the New York News referred to Marko Stout as a “rockstar of the art world”, and anyone who ever attended an open night of one of the artist’s exhibitions knows why. This renowned New York artist draws very large crowds of younger millennial art fans to his exhibitions. For years Stout’s popularity was cult like and localized to New York- however after a series of high profiles sales and international exhibitions his reputation has grown rapidly, making him one of the hottest artist working today- with the Huffington Post calling Stout “the next Andy Warhol”. Below is an exclusive interview with the artist:


RL: Your work is really cool and very insightful. Where do you get your ideas or inspiration?

MS: It’s the stuff and people you see around the city every day- you just need to be looking.

RL: The Huffington Post and many other publications are calling you the next Warhol. How do you feel about that?

MS: I’m cool with it. There’s certainly a lot of pop influence in my work- but, I really have my own style and do my own thing. I don’t want to be limited by anything that was done in the past.

 RL: You’re certainly like Warhol in your versatility. Your exhibitions feature prints, photography, sculptures, video and short films. Which is your favorite to work with?

MS: I dig them all. They all help tell the story and have their place- I don’t like to stay with just one medium, it’s way too limiting- especially nowadays with so much tech available.

 RL: You’ve been selling a lot of your work to cool, trendy nightclubs, bars and restaurants

MS: Don’t know. But, I think it’s because they have large budgets and can afford my work- or maybe they like it more when their drinking (Stout smiles).

 RL: I read that you have a reputation for turning down many high end galleries that want to exhibit your work. Why is that?

MS: I don’t like the pretentious nature of many galleries. I don’t like quiet boring, sterile galleries where people politely talk in whispers and really don’t get the art. My work needs to be viewed in an energetic environment. I like to have music at my shows.

 RL: Your work is a very edgy form of pop art and you have your own style. What would you call your style?

MS: It’s just my style. The way I see things- a critic recently called it industrial pop- whatever the fuck that it is. But, I kind of like it- so let’s stick with industrial pop.

 RL: You’ve been discussing with NetFlix the idea of developing a reality show about the New York art scene. I like the idea. Will you tell me a bit more about the premise for the show?

MS: We’re going to be highlighting the drauma that goes on in the art word and behind the scenes. The show will center on lives of a group of models I regularly use in my work- the craziness at exhibitions, putting together are show and the intensity of NYC. Should be lots of fun.

 RL: You are also producing a film festival in New York City. Can you tell us a little more about this festival?

MS: I’m working with a few movie theaters, film producers, a few other celebrities and lots of other people to develop a large art film festival here in New York. There’s really nothing like it. We will be showing experimental movies, art films and have performance type pieces at the festival. It’s going to be an annual event and will be really amazing.

RL: What is the name of the festival and what are the dates?

MS: The Editable Apple Festival. Where still working out the dates with the venues, but it will likely be late spring next year

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