How to make workplace safe and healthy

How to make workplace safe and healthy

There are several companies, industries and enterprises all over the globe and all of them achieve and fulfill set goals and aims based on many factors including that of the workers and employees. The workers are human factors that work daily for wages doing different tasks to contribute to the common objectives. No matter the capacity any one works or the company or industry he works with, on thing is pertinent and important, it is safety and health for all workers and employees as they daily toil to achieve set aims. Every company, industry or small or medium enterprise have to know how to ensure or guarantee safety and health in workplace. This is very important to set up a health and safety program to manage how best they can avoid work-related injuries and accidents in the workplace. This health and safety program must be based on the size of the business and the possible hazards that are related to the particular company, industries and enterprise. For a construction company dealing with buildings and civil works, the program for health and safety of workers in the company should be based on what they do as a company. The program must include the provision of necessary safety and health equipment. In this article, I would give good tips on how best and well any company can set up, maintain and sustain health and safety programs.

  1. Maybe Safety a Key part of your business

 The fact that safety and health of workers is key and very cogent should be not be contestable or a subject of argument because it is as important as the business success and expansion. Make it a key aspect of your business because workers will be more productive when working in a workplace with effective safety and health measures for them.

2: Plan to Manage workplace Hazards

 Employers must identify and detect possible hazards in their workplace and look into proactive ways to eliminate and reduce their occurrence. This is important because hazards are different from different workplaces and so a safety plan must be designed to make workers and employees know the role of your company or industry as regards their safety and health.

3.     Conduct Periodical Checks

 Most workplace accidents and hazards are related to one tool, machine or equipment injuring workers and employees. Regular and periodic check and inspection of these tools and machines would reveal if they are prone to cause hazards or accidents. An uninstalled electric wire is an example of things that can cause safety hazards. Boxes in the storage areas can also cause accidents if not properly stacked. These checks and inspection would reveal to you also the state of your company’s safety equipment and First Aid kit to help reduce and eradicate hazards, injuries and accidents at workplace.

4: Train your workers

Knowledge is power is a known adage and it is a fact that employers must get their employees trained and informed on what to do in cases of safety concern and on risk and hazards control and management. There may be a written instructions and safety procedures to check from and remember salient points. Employees and workers must know the importance of each and every safety equipment and always put to use all the time. They must be informed and taught on using Fire extinguishers, Fire Exit doors, First Aid operations and procedures. Periodic trainings and seminars on safety and health in workplace can also be done where experts from safety firms can be invited to talk to employees on better safety measures and control.

5: Investigate and Record all incidents

 It is often said that experience is the best teacher. As we all strive to provide a safe and healthy workplace, we are aware that injuries, accidents and hazards may still occur. For this, investigation should be conducted whenever any accident occurs. Be it serious or slight. Investigation will shed more light on the cause and possible ways to prevent re-occurrence of such. Records of the incidents must also be taken serious. The first aid treatments, investigation of the hazard, training activities and ways to avoid re-occurrence must be well and meticulously noted in the record.

6: Discuss and Be Approachable to your Employees

Always create and design an avenue for interactive discussions with your employees to facilitate how best all of you can reduce and eliminate workplace accidents and hazards. This will build confidence into every employee so much that they can give good suggestions about the subject matter.

  1. Inculcate Love and Team-spirit among Employees

As an employer, you need to make your employees see each other as brothers that they need to protect. This can only be achieved when team-spirit, togetherness and love exist as acrimony will yield no good. The culture of seeing all as a friend might help reduces cases of hazards and promote safe and healthy workplace.

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