How to Make Your Laptop New Again Cheaply With An Iolo Coupon

How to Make Your Laptop New Again Cheaply With An Iolo Coupon

The Usual Issue with Computers

Six months after I bought my new laptop with its fast 5th generation i3 processor, 16Gb RAM and SSD, I started experiencing lags. I am a software engineer and own several desktops and laptops, but this Acer Aspire is my best companion when I travel due to its lightness, high resolution and detachable screen. It’s where I store my tutorial videos and travel photos, too. However, I’ve installed a ton of tools for my work and I am constantly in the internet. In the first months I could open lots of programs and tabs simultaneously and the computer would handle all of them with no problem at all. It was impressive, considering that all my previous computers are at least 6 years old with lots of software installations and uninstallations which have left thousands of useless files in the Programs folders.

An Unexpected Solution and a Coupon Code

So, I had to find a way to make my laptop run as it used to. I tried to defragment the disk, clear up as many software as I could, trash the temporary files, but still the problem persisted. Then I turned online to find a solution. My research led me to Iolo, a software manufacturer which makes computer optimizing tools and hard disk cleaners. I also found a few iolo coupons which give huge discount to all its products. Discount coupons for iolo can be found here. The current promo is “backtoschool” and gives a 50% discount to all products.

From all iolo’s tools I opted for System Mechanic. It is known for its remarkable execution and is a Silver Award champ. This program accompanies different components and five stars bolster.

How Does It Work

System Mechanic is exceptionally straightforward to conduct, and the program comes with some categories with supportive icons with concise metaphors which label each tool. This well-organized repair kit was as easy as pie to setup with little endeavor involved.

It put forward a strong set of safeguarding and problem-solving paraphernalia. The Startup Manager and a Startup Guard lends a hand in administering programs that start with Windows.

System Mechanic features the One-Click Maintenance which gives the user the ability to uninstall programs and the contrivance manager which preserve all inaugurated devices, concealed or attached. The Manage Running Processes implement of immense help sustaining the systems performance and practical when dealing with spyware.

This registry cleaner comes with an adept Registry Cleaner which can be modified, and a make safe Delete Program tool which makes accessible system data and a general idea of files cleaned and refurbished. The Search and Recovery tool permits the user to restore data that has been obliterated or unintentionally removed from exterior digital devices such as digital photographs.

System Mechanic program can advance web speed, screening and set confinements on memory utilize and furthermore singular defragment of documents. One essential worry that commentators had was somewhat or not this program has a decent defrag capacities but rather their stresses were let go after the test outcomes demonstrated that it had astounding abilities.

System Mechanic gives excellent support and accompanies a coordinated manual. The online services offer to tutor, and email support. With all its immense characteristics and exceptional support, it is one of the most likable and all-inclusive computers implement software programs.


Now what exactly are automatic computer repair applications and what do they purport to do?

To make things clearer, we need to take an example. Let’s take system mechanic. Why system mechanic, you ask? Simply because it is a very simple tool that requires very little user interference. It is almost as simple as using a tube-light in your room, you simply have to flick the switch on, and it works relentlessly at giving you light. The internet firewall software does the same thing. You only have to install and configure it, and it does the computer cleanup and repair work without you even knowing that it is happening in the background. But to be fair, almost every computer repair tool nowadays is just as simple. It’s only that internet protection is among the more famous ones that it is up here as an example.

Let’s begin then. What does the PC optimization or any other such computer repair application do? Here’s a list of some of the things:

  1. They will clean up the cluttered files that have a very nasty way of clogging your hard drives even as you are working.
  2. They will free up precious memory space on your drives by removing unnecessary files, making your computer work faster.
  3. They will repair problems with the registry systems of your operating system which again maximizes performance.
  4. They try to repair your system on an emergency basis if it crashes.
  5. They maximize your surfing speed and allow you to browse and work faster. (The data recovery software accelerates browsing speeds thrice over!)
  6. They provide you with online security as you work.
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