What to look for when seeking out family lawyers

What to look for when seeking out family lawyers

Many people start researching family lawyers when they are going through an emotional time in their lives. They are normally desperate to seek legal advice sooner rather than later, and because of this, many people spend a large sum of money going through a revolving door of professionals, only to be left in the dark each time.

Individuals can then become sceptical, even wary, and feel even more lost and disheartened then before they began their search. Here are some key elements to look for in a family lawyer and some lessons that can be followed to so you don’t make the wrong choices.

 They should have a specific style

There are law firms that claim to be relentless and others that have a more negotiable approach. Most the time, a law firm should be one or the other. If they are telling you that they can be everything you say you want, then this is a warning sign to look out for.

Everyone knows that family lawyers should be honest and true to their style of litigation. In this way, they can be the best legal representation for you and your family matter. Rather have the “wool pulled over your eyes” see if they are talking about their skill set and style, rather than just what you want to hear.

 They should specialise in family law

 Just like in any industry, the more a business specialises in a certain area the more likely they are to be the best fit for the job. Practicing law in this litigation area requires specific knowledge of the legal system, as well as particular ways on how to approach and deal with all parties concerned.

There are issues concerning child support, super and tax, and marriage separation entitlements. There are regular changes and debates happening on a political level when it comes to family law. Make sure you’re in safe and up-to-date hands when it comes to your decision.

Find out what qualifications and experience they have

 This is a simple one, but an important one. You should always ask what type of qualifications they have, whether they specialise in family law and how long they have been practicing for.

Normally lawyers aren’t going to be boasting about their qualifications, so it’s important to ask the question. Normally those that do so without being asked and claim to have “lots” of experience are normally those that are trying to embellish their experience.

 It’s not always about their winning track record

A good legal representative will ensure the best outcome is achieved for their client and this doesn’t always mean winning the case in the traditional sense. What might be best for a client will differ from case to case, but these could include settling out of court and agreeing to a request from the opposing party.

Also, when children are involved, a good legal professional should tell you that it’s about the best interest of the child. There can be further conflict down the track if a narrow-minded and stubborn outlook is taken to from the outset.

 Make sure you feel comfortable

Your potential representative might have the qualifications, the track record and experience, but if you don’t feel comfortable with them then you may need to look elsewhere. In order for you to get the best outcome and service, you will need to be open and honest. This won’t come easily if you feel you have your guard up from your first meeting.

If you don’t feel uncomfortable for whatever reason, ask if you can possibly have a meeting with another person from their firm rather than starting the search again and going elsewhere.

 Ask if they have other points of contact

Just like any working professional, we all have take holidays, sick days and other days off for unforseen events. When you choose your legal professional you want to know that you won’t be left in the lurch and you will always have someone who has a handle on your case.

Having a second lawyer in the room when you are explaining your case is an ideal way to make sure there is someone there from the beginning that understands your case and what you are seeking. If you ever need urgent advice and your legal representative isn’t available, then you know you have someone you can count on.

When looking around for a lawyer, it’s best to have criteria that you can go by. It will be your guide for when you need to make the final decision and could save you time and money down the track. Remember ask about their specific legal style, their experience and most of all make sure you feel comfortable in having them represent you.

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