How to know when your house needs a paint

How to know when your house needs a paint

House painting can be a drag for some people. It seems these days just organising a paint company to re-do your house paint is too much effort. You shouldn’t put off getting your house painted for too long because you may end up doing more harm than good. As one of the leading painting companies for house painting in Sydney, we understand the signs that it’s time to paint your house again.

We are here to offer our insights and if you see any of the below signs it means that your house (exterior or interior) is certainly due for a fresh coat of paint as soon as possible. Have a read below:

Peeling Paint

This is probably the biggest sign that your house is in desperate need for a paint. The thing about paint is that it isn’t just there to make your house look pretty. It also actually protects your house from moisture and other elements. When the paint starts to peel it means that your walls are no longer properly protected.

Peeling paint is due to the moisture under the layer of paint that breaks the bond between surfaces. When you see your paint is peeling, it means you are well overdue for a new paint job. If you don’t get the issue sorted quickly you could be creating long term problems for your house.

Fading Paint

Over time the paint on your walls will fade. This is especially the case for areas in your house that get the most sunlight. If you paint your walls a darker colour, it is likely that they will fade faster. Lighter colours will fade at a slower rate. When your paint fades, you are also losing the protective surface on your house. The sun is very powerful and walls that see a lot of sun will be weakened. This means that other problems could occur a lot easier (like peeling paint).

Chipped or Marked Paint

This more of a cosmetic issue. When your walls are chipped or marked it doesn’t look too good. After a while you may have so many marks or chips they you aren’t even sure what’s old and what’s new. Walls that are in high traffic areas (i.e. a hallway) are likely to see the most damage.

5 Year Rule

As a general rule of thumb, you should always be looking to re-paint your house every 5 years. A lot can happen in 5 years! Have a think about the last time your house had a paint job. If it was 5 years or less, and you aren’t seeing your paint change into any of the issues state above, it’s all hunky- dory. However, if your paint is experiencing any of the above issues you will need to get it fixed, no matter when you last had your house painted. If your home hasn’t seen a fresh coat of paint in over 5 years you probably need to get on it (even if you don’t see any of the listed issues).

CML Painting is one of the leading companies for house painting in Sydney. Our service is reliable and backed with a 7 year workmanship warranty. So if your house is in a desperate need of a fresh coat, give us a call today!

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