Janome Horizon Memory Craft 15000

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 15000

Janome Horizon Memory Craft 15000 is the Best Embroidery Machine. This machine comes with the whole thing that you might look forward to have plus many more. You can formulate drawings at your PC or laptop then move them directly on your machine in order to start embroidery, through the Wi-Fi compatibility. This is one of the best embroidery machine you will have in market

Using this device you can revel in the continual potentials within your easy reach. This Janome Memory Craft machine has the prevalent LED touch screen display. This correspondingly has the biggest display at any home-based Embroidery and Sewing machine! No matter what you are planning to do quilting, embroidery, home decoration or else clothes, this device is going to support you to finish your task with great pleasure. It comes with 500 in-built stitch patterns, 480 embroidery patterns, thirteen boutonniere types, ten logo typestyles. The capability of this machine is 1,000 spm.


  • This is a high-tech stitching as well as embroidery device
  • Comes with 480 incorporated embroidery patterns, 10 Marking typestyles, 500 incorporated stitches
  • Features AcuView Magnifier within 3 special intensifications
  • This machine offers an iPad which contains the following apps—AcuMonitor, AcuEdit and AcuDesign.
  • It has actual time computer link along with horizon connection set intended for merging and modifying embroidery patterns.
  • Includes topmost filling full rotating attach spool
  • All-out embroidery dimension off this machine is  9.1 by 11.8 inch
  • Designs can be moved through USB, Wireless, Direct PC link through Horizon Connect Set
  • Compatible Embroidery format are .JEF+,.JEF,.JPX or
  • Modification utilities are Resize, Unite, Replacement, Switch, Toss, Curve, Group, Drag plus Drop, Zoom, Trace, Customer Color Selection
  • Features Programmable jerk thread editing
  • Spontaneous permitting embroidery
  • Modifiable loop placing
  • Offers partial hard cover
  • Tutorial DVD is provided with it
  • Existing Hoop sizes are GR: 9.1 by 11.8 inch , SQ23: 9.1 by 9.1 inch , SQ14: 5.5 by 5.5 inch
  • Free Support FA10: 3.9 by 1.6 inch
  • This machine comes with two years warranty


  • This machine has add in iPad
  • It allows on-screen design modification
  • This device is able to needlework about 200,000 stitches each embroidery pattern


  • This machine is not suggested for exercise by learners

Product Description:

iPad Connection

MC15000 is the primary Horizon Memory Craft machine which is able to make use of the wireless Internet connectivity of your house in order to interconnect through your iPad using the 2 built-in apps, other than straight to desk or laptop.

AcuEdit Embroidery Design

With this iPad app you are able to design entire embroidery pattern at your iPad. Pick out whichever of the five hoops.

AcuMonitor Embroidery Observing

You can observe your MC15000 when this sews out your stitching patterns from any place of the home. Everything that you require is your iPad in addition to your house’s wireless system.

Biggest Touch Screen Display

This machine contains a 9 inch touch screen display together with over and above twice the decree of the former version. This is angled to be trouble-free to observe. This monitor is able to exhibit 65,536 shades.

Stitch Measurements

Through this machine currently you are able to generate very bigger, additional thread-thorough needlework within a on its own design outline. You can introduce and merge patterns together with an over-all sew amount of around 200,000.

480 In-built Embroidery Patterns

Built-in embroidery patterns are parted into fifteen groups. These patterns are enhanced for the 5 stitching circles or else being applied as fundamentals in fabricating a bigger pattern. You can pick out from Sashiko, Redwork, Home Decoration, Tulle Lace, Holiday, Frame Patterns, Cross Stitch Drawings and Character set, Quilting patterns, plus many others.

Stitch Property

This machine formulates stunning stitches. In case you’re executing needlework, free mobility quilting, otherwise a complicated and attractive stitch, you will have expert quality outcomes.

Fast Swap Needle Plates

Using this MC15000 you are capable to change among needle plates within instants not minus screwdriver.

Double Processor Rapidity

The former trade good of Memory Craft acquired a quick processor. But this version is two times faster than the previous ones. You might actually observe the variance the minute you insert patterns and influence design outlines.

Stitching Qualities

– 500 In-built stitch patterns
– 13 single-step boutonnieres design
– Spontaneous thread pressure
– In-built automatic needle threading system
– Spontaneous fabric manual (AcuGuide)
– Single-stage needle plate change feature
– AcuFeed Contract Layered Cloth Serving Technique
– Simple back key
– Adaptable knee pick up
– Free spool threading motor
– Complete power illumination procedure together with ten LED light at five places
– Existing iPad applications counting AcuMonitor and AcuEdit

Embroidery Aspects
– Features 480 Fitted embroidery patterns
– Two and three Character marking utility
– All-out embroidery magnitude is 9.1 by 11.8 inch
– Pattern move choices are USB, Wireless, Straight computer linking through Horizon Connection Set
– Embroidery speed of this device is 60 – 1,000 sew per minute
– Adaptable hoop locating
– Tutorial DVD contained within

Machine Information

Sizes: 11.6 by 10 by 1.2 inches

Shipment Heaviness: 1.6 lbs.

Purchaser Reviews: This machine is scored 5.0 out of 5 by its users.

Consumer Assessments:

A number of customer of this machine said that it was their first embroidery device. They adore this. It is a fantastic embroidery machine. Some fabricated sewed coverlets, free standing lace as well as much decorative stuff. This machine is very much exciting to make use of. This machine gives the opportunity to them to always discovering new stuffs.

Some customers said that the finest feature of this the MC 15000 embroidery machine is that this is a Janome product. This machine is noiseless. However, never allow this smooth noise mislead you, it is actually an embroidery monster! There is probably not anything that this is unable to deal with. This embroidery machine works perfect. Its quilting capability is outstanding, besides regular stitching is very smooth and perfect. They tried somewhat different day by day and the outcome never stops to astonish and please them. This is the Best embroidery machine of all the time!

One user of this machine mentioned that she had utilized another Janome machine for several years. She lately moves up to this MC 15000. She has not get through very much of the aspects up till now. However she thinks about to employing completely of the features. This machine is very much simple to embroider or quilt on.

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