Is this the future of healthcare?

I recently stumbled across a new healthcare firm, DocTap Private GP Clinic.  I quite like their slogan:  “Get well, then get on.  Immediate, expert GP treatment for London.”

And it would appear that their patients appear to like it too.  In a refreshing display of transparency, they automatically publish every patient review on their website.  As at the time of this article they already have 354 reviews, 96% of which are positive – which is pretty amazing for healthcare where patient satisfaction is frequently not great.


Co founder Dan Faber summarises DocTap as follows:

“When I’m unwell I typically want to get treatment quickly and efficiently, with a minimum of hassle.  And of course I want to be looked after by a highly qualified and courteous doctor who has the time to get to understand the problem.  I’m not so fussed that the surgery has a Harley Street address, or whether I’m offered a choice of every type of coffee imaginable.  This is what we’re trying to offer with DocTap.  The service that ordinary people like you or I would want to use.”

It will be fascinating to see whether more and more people start to use services like DocTap, instead of joining the waiting list at their NHS GP.  And of course it should be really handy for visitors to London as well.

Of course, one of the questions that many will ask is whether this represents privatisation of the NHS by the back door.  Dan Faber tells me that they have huge respect for the NHS and work very closely with it.  But perhaps it is best summed up by @alexjamesfarrow who tweets:

Booked my 1st appointment with @DocTap_GP – £14 for same-day! Simultaneously outraged that I’m paying & hugely impressed by their service.

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