The Ideal Ways to Store Coffee

There are a lot of food products which can be stored in any place and conditions. They even don’t get damaged. But unfortunately coffee cannot be included in this list. Both ground and bean Best Drip Coffee Maker deteriorates easily when they contact with moisture, light, oxygen etc. Coffee can absorb any kind of scent from other things around. The odors are transferred to your coffee mug too! This can ruin the aroma and freshness of your morning cup of coffee. So it is very important to know the ideal ways to store your coffee grounds and beans. So let’s find them out.


  • Grind your beans just before brewing:

 When coffee is ground, it starts to deteriorate very quickly. So pre-ground coffee smells and tastes less than freshly ground beans. If you want to store your java and enjoy the best flavor, the most important step that you can take is investing in a best grinder. This will allow you to grind the coffee just before brewing. You can store beans and achieve optimal flavor at the same time.

  • Store coffee in an airtight container:

 Another enemy of fresh-tasting coffee is oxygen. Coffee becomes stale very quickly when they come in contact with air. You can invest in a hermetically sealed jar for storing the beans. You can also use a container with a heavy lid. Airtight cans can prevent coffee from absorbing nearby odors. They also discourage mold growth and insect. So airtight containers are ideal for storing coffee beans.

  • Choose an opaque jar for storing coffee:

 Light is one of the factors which causes coffee to deteriorate quickly. This problem can be easily solved by storing coffee in an opaque container rather than in a plastic or glass vessel. But if you don’t have any other options except transparent jars, then keep it away from light & heat. You may store them in your cabinet or pantry.

Keep the coffee beans in a dry place:

 You may not know about the moisture level in your kitchen, cabinets or pantry. But a dry environment is best for storing coffee beans. You should always avoid keeping java in a damp place. Make sure you keep them in a dry place such as your dining hall cabinet.

  • Don’t store coffee in extreme temperatures:

Many bulk food items can be stored in too cold or too hot places. But coffee cannot be stored in extremely hot or cool temperatures. Rooms which are heated in winter and cooled during summer are ideal for storing coffee beans.

Now after reading most of the storing tips of coffee, you may have gained a lot of knowledge about the storage of java beans. Now you can take care of your joe even better than you used to. This will help you to enjoy the best flavor and taste of coffee which will refresh you every morning and afternoon. A great cup of caffeine will obviously make your day. Now go store your coffee beans and enjoy the best cup of coffee!

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