How To Wear Baseball Caps Like A Fashionable Adult

How To Wear Baseball Caps Like A Fashionable Adult

Did you ever see someone wearing a baseball cap and looking incredibly fashionable? Such cases are not rare because caps cannot be fashion statements. They appear because people do not know how to wear the fancy snapbacks in a way that draws positive attention. With this in mind, here are some great ways in which the baseball cap can become a fashion statement.


One of the best ways to wear the cap is to go minimal and clean. Consider some tactile fabrics (suede), corduroy or wool. The headgear receives luxury in an instant. This is especially a reality when you pair everything with some classic staples like slim-fit fancy chinos or a beautiful lightweight jacket.

The Summer Look

We have to acknowledge the fact that a baseball cap is definitely really useful when summer hits. You can easily earn it on a picnic, during a game, when going out at night and practically whenever you want to. It protects you from the sun but you can easily go way beyond that with the appropriate style. The idea is to showcase your personality as you complement the shorts and t-shirt look.

The baseball cap is capable of making an important change as it ties the outfit together. This happens when the cap is the exact same color as another outfit part. Sandals and shirts are normally chosen. The thing is to be sure that the topper is also suitable based on the layers that you wear.

Tone Tailoring

Ten years ago nobody thought that combining a baseball cap with a suit would be fashionable. Now, this is actually a highly contemporary look and a great way to wear your cap without ending up looking like a teenager that is angry with life. The only thing with such a look is that you need to wear a premium-looking baseball cap. As a suggestion, combine it with a blazer (unstructured) that is worn over a t-shirt. Then, finish the look with crisp sneakers. This would have looked great even ten years ago.

The Streets Approach

When referring to streetwear we rarely consider it being high fashion. However, this can definitely be the case as the high fashion is moving to the streets. You can so easily wear some great designer clothes on the street, which was not actually a considered idea some time ago. Consider the dad baseball cap style or the 5-panel option. Combine this with a logo t-shirt (alternatively a hoodie), jeans and jeans (alternatively cropped trousers). The result is that you embrace the streetwear aesthetics while in public and you do not look like you try too hard.

Some Extra Tips

When you wear the baseball cap remember that you want to take the sticker off. There are way too many people that wear caps with brim stickers on. Also, the cap needs to perfectly fit the head. You do not want to cut off circulation or have the cap fly off because of the wind. Simplicity is your safe bet if you want to be fashionable when wearing your baseball cap.

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