How to use Windows 10 key for the installation

How to use Windows 10 key for the installation

Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows and it requires some specific steps to be completed so it can be started. For the purpose of startup and installation process of Windows 10, it is important to have the Windows 10 Key with you. Windows 10 key is the activation key which is provided with the original Windows CD. You can see this key behind the box provided with the Windows 10 and the Windows 10 key is usually made up of 25 Characters which is alphanumeric. This key is very important and the users of the computer should save it securely. Whenever there is an issue with the computer you can reinstall with the use of the Window key and it non-retrievable and unique with every CD.

In another case, if you have downloaded the Windows 10 from the website of windows then also you will be provided with the key and you will be using that windows 10 key for the installation.


You have to enter the BIOS of your computer so the installation will be done. You have to start by inserting the CD into the CD driver or use the USB for the installation of the Windows. It will take some time but the program will start to install on your computer.


For the second step you to boot the program from the Location it is saved, it can be the CD or the USB and it will depend on which type of installation you are looking for. You will start by using the option 1 of the booting system. It will also be displayed in the guide by the program to select the option of booting provided by the USB or CD.


Now you will be installing the windows 10, and it will be done with choosing the clean install method. You have select that and click okay so the process will be started. You will also encounter a message on your screen which will show thecustom setting of advanced method that will install windows only. You have to select that option to continue the clean installation of Windows 10.


In this step, you have to enter the Windows 10 key provided to you. It will be known as the activation key or the product key which will be used by you and it will authenticate the user rights and install the windows from the device to your computer. It will be a 24 digit set of alphanumeric characters and you have to enter those carefully in the blank boxes and once it is done you will go to the Enter or OK option.


For this step, you have to select the hard drive where your Windows will be installed it be the normal hard drive or the SSD. It is the space which will be allocated by you and that space will be acquired for the installation. In few hours your installation will be completed and your windows 10 will be ready with the use of window 10 key.

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