What Happens When A Disaster Hits? Nonprofit Data Backup And Operations Continuity

What Happens When A Disaster Hits? Nonprofit Data Backup And Operations Continuity


Image result for data backupEvery business, whether it’s profit or a non-profit needs a written business continuity plan with Indigo IT. This helps prevent a stop of business operations should your technology or network system fails or is disrupted or some other types of disaster cause a disruption in business operations. One of the critical elements to business continuity planning is determining which business services are essential and must not be disrupted. This business planning process also identifies which technology or network systems must also be in place to ensure these essential services continue.

A fairly recent example was Hurricane Sandy which hit the northeast coast of the United States and ravaged portions of New York City and the New Jersey Atlantic coast. Damage from this storm caused many disruptions to the operations of many non-profits. These were organisations whose primary mission was to help those impacted by this hurricane. Electrical outages, flooding, and other transportation disruptions made it difficult, if not impossible for these non-profits to continue operations. Organisations which kept their IT network and essential data on the site found they could not access critical information which resulted in a breakdown in service delivery. If the organisation did not have an off-site data backup, either in the cloud or on remote servers, they may have completely lost valuable data including client and donor information.

All organisations should create a daily data backup plan and then ensure it is completed every single day. This helps ensure critical data is preserved and accessible even during emergency operations. We have provided information on a few of the most effective online data backup services. Choosing one of these will help ensure your valuable data is always available to continue operations.

Online File Backup

One of the most secure ways to backup valuable operational data is by using an online file server. This service provides secure online storage for any and all data and it is accessible 24 hours a day through an internet connection. Online data backup provides assurance that your data will always be available even if your on-site server or hard drive crashes, is damaged or is stolen. Your organisation can use this online file backup service to immediately restore any and all lost data.

Online File Backup And Security

Before purchasing online file backup, it is important to know that this is a very secure means of storing your data. The security protocols used to protect your data are the same as those used to protect data from banks and other financial institutions at Indigo IT . Your data stored with an online backup service is as safe and secure as your personal banking or credit card data.

How Does Online File Backup Work?

When you sign up for online backup service, you will download a computer program and install it on your laptop, desktop or network server. You then select which data files you want to backup and store. You should also create an automatic backup schedule so your files are backed up every day at the same time. At Sun, our staff will handle all the logistics of file backup for everyone in your organisation.

How Are Files Restored?

Protocols may vary from service provider to service provider. Most of the time, your IT folks or other employees simply access their online files and then download those they need. Download times may vary and could depend on the size of the files you have loaded to your online service. It may take a few hours or up to several days to get all your data restored, especially if you have large files stored with your online backup service.

I heard in-house data backup was more secure than using a cloud-based service because it is easier to hack the cloud.

This is not accurate. Nonprofits and other types of small organisations simply aren’t equipped to secure their data as well as large online cloud storage services. Cloud backup service providers literally spend millions of dollars ensuring their security is the best. Their business is protecting your data and they do it well. Any security breach to a cloud platform would greatly damage the reputation of the company and even of the industry itself. As a result, an online backup company is driven to protect your data. To do this, they use cutting edge security, expert staff and are able to quickly adapt to new security threats.

Laptops Need Security, Too!

While most organisations have some type of backup plan for their network and servers, but forget to set up backup protocols for their employee laptops. Laptops present a special security issue since most data is stored locally on the device itself. If these machines are not regularly backed up, critical data may be lost if the laptop crashes or is lost or stolen. Our data backup and recovery specialists recommend regularly backing up all business laptops.

Using the cloud for online file backup is a good way to ensure no critical data is lost during an emergency or disaster. Easily accessible, online data backup helps get a company or nonprofit up and running quickly.

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