Guides to choose Zooper Waltz Stroller

If you are looking for a stroller that offers all the bells and whistles in one package, then the Zooper Waltz stroller is the model for you.  Lightweight, all features standard and a variety of colors make this standard stroller a popular option.

The Zooper Waltz jogging stroller comes with a five-point harness, the best style for securing your child.  Five-point harness are preferred over three-point ones because they hold the child more securely, making it less likely that they will wiggle free and fall from the stroller, even on bumpy areas.  However we found that the straps were difficult to adjust. The stroller also features the one touch braking system, which allows you to set the rear brakes with just one tap of your foot – making it easy to lock into place when you are on the go.

As a standard stroller the Zooper Waltz comes with your typical silhouette, though it also has some fun fabric color choices.  You definitely don’t have to worry about this stroller getting lost in the crowd. This Zooper stroller’s sun canopy rotates, so you can move it to block the sun no matter what way you are going.  It also features a window so you can check on your little one as you walk.  It also comes with a rain canopy if you ever need to go out in inclement weather.  It also includes the winter boot for colder weather, something you usually have to pay extra for.

The Zooper Waltz comes with a tray and cup holder for the kids.  We were a bit disappointed however, at the fact that there is no tray or cup holder for the adults, especially when many of the less expensive models we looked at did. The Zooper stroller does have a good amount of storage, though we found that it was a bit hard to access it with the seat reclined.

The Zooper Waltz folds up small and is relatively lightweight, so it is a good standard stroller for families on the go.  The biggest complaint we had was that sometimes the one-handed open/fold feature was a two-handed operation.  This standard stroller will also stand upright when it is folded, so that makes it very easy to tuck away into the trunk or closet when you are not using it.

The Zooper Waltz handles really well on smooth surfaces.  For a standard stroller it is amazingly simple to push even with one hand.  The tires are not air-inflated, so it does jostle a bit when going over uneven ground, so it wouldn’t work well if you are looking for something all-terrain.

We were also disappointed by the fact that handle does not adjust on this model.  My husband is taller, so it was a bit uncomfortable for him to push this stroller for longer periods of time. The Zooper Waltz offers a one-handed recline feature, and it actually reclines flat.  It is so smooth to operate the seat that you should have no problems with a sleepy newborn in there.  It also sits up for older children who prefer a seated position.

The Zooper Waltz is not so great over uneven ground, so it will not be as good of a choice for people shopping for an all-terrain stroller. The biggest downside of the Zooper Waltz stroller is its price.  With a retail price of around $300 it is one of the more expensive standard strollers out there, particularly since it does not come with an infant car seat.  However, what many shoppers do not pay attention to is that the Zooper stroller comes with all the additional accessories that you would have to buy separately with other brands.

The Zooper Waltz stroller is on the pricier side, but for families that want all the accessories it is a great buy.  It is lightweight, folds small, and offers all the accessories that you will need to use this stroller in any weather.

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