Gift ideas for parents with toddlers

Gift ideas for parents with toddlers

Whether it’s for a birthday, a christening, Christmas, or general occasion, buying a gift for a toddler or their parents can be a daunting experience – particularly if you’ve yet to experience parenthood, or happen to have children who are much older. While it’s certainly true that you can never really go wrong with a sensory toy, musical instrument, brightly colored plaything, or textured teddy for a child, it’s sometimes nicer to be able to put a little more thought into a present. Likewise, most parents will really appreciate your effort if you give a gift that enables them to make the most of family life, or embrace a particular moment in parenthood.

Below are just a few ideas to get you started on your next shopping spree. Buying a gift for a parent or toddler needn’t be difficult; indeed, we hope you’re able to embrace the task at hand, as there are so many wonderful things to consider.

 Perfectly practical presents for the home

While most parents of toddlers will probably have reached their limit of toys, teddies, and games by now, very few parents can ever have enough storage options. Well, who wants to spend every moment of the day picking up toys? For this reason, personalized storage boxes, decorative shelving units, and colorful tidies are always appreciated, finishing any room with a thoughtful touch. Bath toy storage is an area that many people forget, but smaller bathrooms can become especially cluttered with baby toys, and so a means to safely store everything is essential. Other practical presents that will make a parent’s life easier include blankets and clothing, toiletries, kitchen and dining accessories such as a mess-less mat, and bouncers or activity tables to keep children amused while their parents make five minutes for themselves.

Capturing every moment

Time is fleeting, particularly for parents with infants and toddlers; ask any parent and they’ll tell you that those early weeks and months can pass in the blink of an eye. Choosing a gift that will help parents to capture those moments, therefore, is likely to place you firmly in their good books. Photo frames and memory boxes for holding first teeth, locks of hair, and hospital tags are particularly treasured by many parents, while fingerprint jewelry and casts of hands and feet can provide a lifetime of happy memories. Finally, consider booking the parents a photography experience, or paying to have a treasured print applied to a canvas; parents with toddlers can never have too many photographs.

Say it with a gift card

If you’re concerned that a particular gift would be poorly received, or is likely to have been bought by someone else, think about buying a gift certificate or card instead; while gift cards and vouchers may not seem especially exciting, there’s no end to the possibilities they hold for parents with toddlers. Indeed, gift vouchers will enable those parents to buy something that their child really wants, without the worry of replicating a present or picking something inappropriate. Buying a gift for a toddler or a friend who happens to be a parent can be stressful. With a gift certificate, you can show that you’ve thought of them, without the worry of including a receipt.

Give the gift of an experience

While toys, games, clothing items, and household accessories are all appreciated, wouldn’t it be nicer to give the gift of an experience that can be enjoyed by every member of the family? If you’re looking to purchase a present for a toddler who has it all, consider contributing money towards a day out, buying a family ticket to an event or tourist attraction, or investing in a membership to a particular place. These kinds of gifts are perfect for young parents who may not have the funds to pay for a big day out, but who would no doubt love to make memories with their toddlers. Similarly, you may want to think about a television or media streaming subscription, which would keep the whole family entertained.

It’s time to get creative

Toys that enable parents and their children to bond are incredibly popular, and show that you’re thinking of the whole family whenever you purchase a gift. Artistic and construction toys and games are particularly enticing as they present a series of opportunities for imaginative play and creativity. Consider building blocks, age-appropriate arts and crafts sets, books, dressing-up clothes, a workbench and tools, a den or den-building materials, water play, or accessories that will enhance outdoor play, such as butterfly nets, identification books, and gardening equipment. Toys that engage toddlers and involve their parents in play are among the best gifts that you’ll be able to buy.

If you think that you’ve exhausted all gift options for a particular family, think again; whatever your budget, this compilation contains an array of presents that any parents of toddlers would be happy to receive. The likelihood is that your friends and family members will be grateful for anything that you’re able to give, but isn’t it wonderful to get a little creative with your gift-giving?

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