The Gift of the Flower, a Tale Through Time

The Gift of the Flower, a Tale Through Time

Flowers have been given as gifts since as long as we’ve recorded history and most likely longer. Let’s reminisce in the beauty that is flower gifting, from hunters and gatherers to modern online flower deliver to your partner’s home in Australia.

Walking back from a somewhat unsuccessful day of hunting rabbits, bears and deer our unnamed hunter dejectedly trudged home, knowing that he, nor his tribe would feast well that night.

“Honey, I’m home.” he called with less enthusiasm than usual.

His wife stopped weaving her fruit basket, “rough day?”

“I wasn’t able to catch any food today, I’m sorry.” he responds with perfect articulation.

“Well I gathered you a little something that will hopefully make you feel a little better.” revealing a dazzling bouquet of petunias.

“I love you.” feeling better knowing his wife truly cared for him.

(This one isn’t actually based on any research)


Grecians young and old would wander to the forest to gather groups of the prettiest flower they could find. When they would proceed to flock down to the local statue of Aphrodite, according to Best in Australia the Greek god of Beauty and place the flowers at her feet. They would pray to her, plead that they may be blessed with a just an ounce of her divine appearance. As they believed if they could offer the beauty of nature, maybe they would receive the beauty of a god.

The Victorians took the flower gifting game to a new level, they wrote many works on the proper etiquette of flower giving. They relished in the nuances in which one can give another a bouquet, whether loving or otherwise. Otherwise? Yes, while we may perceive a gift of red roses as nothing but nice, a bouquet of them upside-down was a display of anger. While anger was possible, love was the main reasoning for flowers, sometimes horses would be ridden for days and days across the frigid countryside of England just so a gentleman prospector could tell a woman of his fancies.

Modern Day Australia Flower Delivery
We have now both and advanced in our flower giving. There are occasions when flowers nowadays are meaningless given as no more than a token. No thought, no care, no love, just a cold and lazy, “sorry I forgot your birthday”.

However the depths of flower-giving has reach even further with others giving with zeal, they pick the perfect flower composition to express their feelings, their love, their craft. As they personally pick every flower in the bouquet, each with a metaphor and a meaning.

“The light blue lilac is to remind you of that top you had of the same colour, which you wearing during your first kiss, OOOOHHHHH….”

The Independent Flower Delivery Future
Just as the worlds’, Australia’s flower delivery methods have changed, no longer do large corporations or companies dominate the market. The prices were exhortative, the deliveries often took too long and didn’t deliver on the desired gifted day and all too commonly the flowers would arrive decaying or dead. As if it was some cruel metaphor.

The card reads, “I cannot express how much you mean to me, so hopefully this bouquet of lilies can represent my feelings towards you”, as the wilted, decrepit petals, dismally hang over it.

Times have changed and with the ability for Australia’s impassioned flower enthusiasts to add their own flair and creativity to the flower delivery market is re-invigorated the industry. Orchids delivered in a mason jar, wrapped in brown paper at your house pronto. Roses divinely encased in a silk cacoon, gracing your loved ones hands and their heart. Glorious Sunflowers to brighten up your study that overlooks the harbour, arriving on the same day you were inspired to get them.

We’ve gifted flowers for so long, for so many reasons and there’s promise on the horizon that we’ll keep better ourselves and our delivery techniques.

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