How to get your Backyard Party Ready

How to get your Backyard Party Ready

Whether it is a barbeque, a party or just having some friends and family around, if you are entertaining out the back there are some things you will need to do to get the area ready! Don’t just assume that your backyard would be automatically ready for a party. There are a few things you will need to prepare before any guests arrive.

Outdoor parties are always a good option. There is usually more room to move around and engage with people. As well as this, it means the inside of your house will not be affected by the party. Hosting a party in the backyard is especially good if there are young children involved. There is nothing worse than cabin fever!

Below are some of the best tips from Best in Australia to help get your backyard ready for a party:

1. Clear walkways

When hosting an outside party, you probably don’t want your guests walking in and out of your house. You just want them to stay outside, right? Well, this means you are going to have to clear the walkways so your guests can easily (and safely!) walk from the front of your house to the backyard without even going inside.

Over time we tend to find that the side walkways of your house become a temporary storage area for the kid’s toys, garden supplies etc. Leaves and other debris tend to find their way into the walkways, so it is important to ensure it is clear so guests have easy access. It won’t take too long, usually just a quick sweep.

2. Prepare the lawn and/ or other outside areas

Before you can set up your area you will need to prepare it! If you have a lawn, you should give it a mow and remove any weeds or other tasty surprises that may be lurking in your backyard. If you have an outside seating set or outside BBQ, it is important to ensure they are clean and given a wipe down before guests arrive.

Just a general clean of the outside area needs to be done. If you clean your backyard on a regular basis then this clean won’t take too long. However, if you find you haven’t been out the back in a while, you may need to spend more time preparing and clearing the area before you start to set it up!

3. Limit the amount of bugs and other pests

We find that this is the area people tend to forget about. When entertaining outside, there is likely to be bugs and potentially other pests that will try to interrupt your fun. Therefore it is important to pest proof the area.

The supermarket usually stocks all you will need to ensure the ants don’t try to eat your food and drink your drinks as well as ensuring your guests don’t get eaten alive by mosquitoes. Also, you should limit any standing water near the entertaining area as bugs are attracted to this.

4. Set up seating and dining areas

Once you have finished preparing your backyard, the last step is to actually set it up! It is quite common for there to be a seating area as well as a dining and meal eating area. Make sure there is enough room for everyone in both areas. As well as this, ensure that people will be comfortable siting in the area.

If your party is in winter, things such as a fire pit or outside heaters will do wonders. Also, if your party is during the night time, you will have to think if there will be adequate lighting so people can see what they are doing!

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