Finding the Right Family Law Specialists in Sydney for you

Finding the Right Family Law Specialists in Sydney for you

There are a multitude of areas in family law, all of which can be required in times of personal and emotional fragility, and as such hiring the right family lawyer s critical for you. However it can be difficult to know how to narrow it down and what questions to ask, especially when Sydney has so many family lawyer specialists. This is a guide to help you refine the type of family lawyer that is the right one for you.


Family law contains many facets of law, such as divorce, child custody, adoption, restraining orders, child support and visitation. When looking for a family lawyer, you want the lawyer that specialises in area this takes place in. While most family lawyers Sydney will have some level of experience in multiple areas, they are most likely to specialise in a certain form. While 25 years of experience might seem like a lot for aiding your adoption, it’s a lot less helpful if they’ve only done one adoption case. So identifying that they specialise in the field of your case is key.

Style of Proceeding

There are few different methods of proceedings that each area of family law has. For example divorce proceedings can be done through mediation, contested or collaboration law, just to name a few. You want to find a lawyer that understands that style and will operate in the proceedings accordingly. For instance you don’t want a lawyer who only does contested law (the type of divorce where it’s sort of a battle) for mediation (where a single lawyer advises the couple on dispersion of assets). While most lawyers will (and really should) tell you whether they are right for the style you want, asking and searching for a lawyer of the correct type is crucial.

Trust and Chemistry

Chemistry with your family lawyer is one of the more underrated needs. The ability to trust and properly convey your emotions, desires and needs to them allows for communication channels that result in the best results. Furthermore it makes the process a lot easier when the person advising you is someone that you connect with, rather than simple a person in a suit.

An important note: while connecting with your family lawyer is great, treating them as a proxy counsellor is unfair to them and unwise for you.

Ease For you

You may find that you identify the perfect lawyer for you, their expertise are highly relevant to your case, they specialise in the style you want and you get on really well, but getting the best of them is too difficult and straining for you. This can come in many forms:

1. Location
We live in a very large city and the perfect family lawyer specialists might be located all the way on the other side of Sydney. While many lawyers will allow their clients to have Skype meetings and phone calls, some operate through face to face only. If your trip is an hour each way you should be sure that this is a commitment you can make.

2. Accessibility
Do you need to have Skype meetings or phone calls because you travel for your job? Or maybe you would prefer to always see them face to face. Knowing whether your family lawyer provides the sort of communication methods that are right for you, will allow you to feel as comfortable as possible. If they don’t you might be stuck in a situation where you are unable to receive counselling when it’s desperately needed.

  1. Flexibility
    Similarly to methods of communication, are you able to communicate when and how it suits you. Some lawyers will only abide by very stringent hours and methods and will charge harshly if they you contact them outside these. If you don’t have a consistent weekly timetable or need to have variance in your communication that is important to identify and in turn look for. This can arrive in the form of contacting them for shorter periods (5 minute phone calls) or outside office hours as that’s the only time that can work for you. If this is something that is vital to you, establish this early and find a lawyer that will work with you.

    When investigating the hiring of a family lawyer specialist in Sydney do research into what you want exactly and ask yourself and prospective lawyers these questions. This will help you find the perfect lawyer for you and give you the best outcome possible.

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