What Everybody Ought to Know About Thai Handmade Jewelry

What Everybody Ought to Know About Thai Handmade Jewelry

Thailand is known as the fashion capital of the world’s best and most unique thai hand made jewelry. You can find the world’s most exquisite jewelry here which you can match with your dress. The biggest advantage is that they are authentic and trusted.

Secrets about Thailand which no one knows

Thailand is the largest producer of sapphires in the world and also has the biggest market of colored stone cutting in the world. Thai artisans are fine workers and are experts at crafting the jewelry as per international tastes.

When it comes to pricing, they are extremely fair and clear at it. They charge you on the basis of the cost of the individual stone or gem you have selected to buy and add the cost for the amount of workmanship they have put into crafting it. Gold jewelry and ornaments are not very costly in Thailand. The prices are fixed and are calculated according to Baht weight of the item and the amount of craftsmanship needed in creating the piece.

You can get excellent deals in chains, earrings, bracelets, pendants and other jewelry items. They can be found in all tourist places or even the jewelry shops at the major hotels. You can get these exquisite jewelry items at low prices you can’t even imagine and the authenticity is also guaranteed. There are several traditional Chinese-Thai jewelry shops in Thailand which can be recognized by their distinctive red and gold color décor interiors.

Thai Jewelry Shops

Thai silver jewelry is created in traditional Thai designs which originated in Northern Thailand. Bracelets are known to their specialties. The silver which is sold there is labeled as 925 which indicates that it is 92.5% pure silver.

Pearls in Thailand

Local pearls are produced in Naka Noi Island. They are very famous. You can easily find them in any local shop in Phuket, specialist jewelry shops across Thailand or at the beach itself where they are cultured.

The two most famous and biggest jewelry stores – The Gems Gallery and Wang Talang are exclusively devoted to jewelry. These stores have a huge collection of items in all styles including European, Asian, and all the jewelry items there are certified. This is a hub for rare and antique jewelry lovers.

You should not buy these jewelry items to resell them in the local market of your country until and unless you are an expert and have full knowledge of gems and jewelry. You need to have a good idea to make good profits. There are also a few scams reported for selling artificial stuff at higher prices and therefore you must ensure that you thoroughly check the units before you make a purchase.

In the past, there have been times when there were complaints by visitors regarding jewelers selling low quality stuff at unreasonable prices. There have been times when gems were being sold as real, which rather later turned out to be artificial. Be sure of the shop from where you buy and always ask them for a certificate of proof.

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