How does an Electric Patio Heater works

Electric Patio Heater Pt 8

As this electric patio heater uses a column style system, it can produce more heat over a larger area than the overhead style of heater. As the heater is designed in a column style, your guests will be able to stand anywhere around the heater and enjoy the heat that emanates from it. This allows more people to gather around it and enjoy its heat in comparison to a heater with a directed flow of heat. When you want a wide warming zone, this patio heater really delivers. It can output 38,000 BTU of heat at once and this will cover an area of around 15 feet in diameter around the heater. Use any standard propane tank with this heater. It can provide you with around 10 hours of use from a 20lb propane tank, which is good value for money from your fuel. When it comes to durability, this heater will not disappoint. As it is a professional grade outdoor heater, it has been built with only the best materials. Stainless steel and aluminum will prevent the unit from becoming rusted and the finish will ensure that it will fit in with any other décor in your garden.


  • To prevent the electric patio heater from being tipped over, it is designed to contain a 20lb tank in the base.

The Belize electric patio heaters are a good-looking accessory for your garden that is sure to make a big impression on your guests. Made only of the best possible materials, this heater is designed in a pyramid shape and brings a unique look to your garden. Unlike overhead units, this heater has a heating column that can provide heat throughout its height. The advantage of this is that you will get more heat from the heater. This is a tall heater so you should bear this in mind when you purchase it. If you want to use it in a gazebo style area, or an area of your garden with an awning, you should make sure that there is enough clearance room. It is 7 feet tall and has a reflector that is 18 square inches. Remember that there is a pagoda style top on this heater that is designed to spread out the heat over a wide area of your patio so you should make sure that there is enough clearance overhead for this. You can use this heater with ease, thanks to its simple operation and if you want to move it around your yard or patio, you will be able to do so with ease due to the wheels that are integrated to the base of the heater.

  • These electric patio heaters is particularly efficient, and it will use a 20lb tank in around 10 hours at a typical running temperature. An electronic striker switch allows you to ignite the gas easily so that you can be using the heater as quickly as you need to. You’ll never need to end your party too early again just because the weather cools down. When you’re enjoying time outdoors with friends, you only need to purchase this AZ Patio heater to ensure that you don’t need to move the party inside or send your guests home.
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