COMPARE ENERGY – Different BTW Grid and Energy

COMPARE ENERGY – Different BTW Grid and Energy

The energy market was the beginning of this century (July 1, 2004) liberalized the government to establish a stronger market and an independent energy and netbeheerdertak. These market is also brings more competition and end users given more choice. Since then, many energy companies have been added, including Delta, Essent, Eneco and Nuon are the traditional four. They still evoke their own energy on which they differ from the smaller entrants. These newcomers buy their energie zakelijk mainly in and sell it to the consumer.


There is a big difference between an operator and an energy company, even though it is not clear to every consumer. This uncertainty is due to the fact that the operator was formerly supplier of gas and electricity. A grid is now mainly responsible for the construction and maintenance of electricity and gas in the Netherlands. Examples of network operators Liander, Stedin Enexis and Delta. They operate in different parts of the Netherlands, which means that no multiple operators active in one place.

Since the energie vergelijken market is liberalized can determine each consumer himself of whatever power they involve gas and electricity. Energy companies are trying to attract customers with attractive rates, welcome bonuses and bonuses. Customers can have it to your advantage by comparing your current energy contract with other providers. The advice from comparison websites are often too general, and you should also look good for the well hidden conditions. An attractive offer can sometimes still disappointing, we know from practice. A good and personal advice without surprises is much more important than getting a gift which has subsequently proven that you actually own it has paid in own pockets. Finally, a website does not talk back, but we fortunately.

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