The Most Common Kinds Of Rubbish

The Most Common Kinds Of Rubbish

In terms of rubbish clearance, there are a lot of different types of rubbish that professionals are willing to remove. You must be aware of the different types of rubbish in order to choose the correct rubbish clearance business for the job. Different types of rubbish will also have different means of disposal so make sure you understand which disposal method is best for the type of rubbish you have.

So without further ado, here are the most common kinds of rubbish you will typically find:

1. Medical Waste

Medical waste is usually found in places such as hospitals and doctor offices. However, there is some medical waste that can be found in the typical home. For example, items such as bandages and chemicals (including formaldehyde and phenols).

Medical waste can be from either humans or animals (i.e. pets after the visit the vet). All medical waste must be disposed of properly, even if you think it isn’t hazardous. Medical waste can also be highly infectious and therefore if it is disposed of in the domestic waste stream it could cause potential threats to the health of humans.

2. Household Waste

Household waste can either come in solid or liquid form. This is probably the type of rubbish you see the most. And when it comes to rubbish clearance, you have this down pat! We regularly refer to this type of rubbish as “black bag waste” because you usually put the rubbish in your household bin and then once that’s full you take it outside and put it in the large collection bin.

Household waste doesn’t typically hold significant amounts of toxins or germs. However, if not disposed of quickly it can attract unwanted pests. You don’t want these types of pests running around inside your house! This is why it is important to empty your household bin on a regular basis.

3. E-waste

Electrical waste is becoming a bigger problem. These days’ people are getting rid of their TV’s, computers, phones, printers etc. faster than ever before. However, many people don’t actually know where this type of waste goes.

You shouldn’t simply throw away your e-waste because there could be toxic chemicals inside which are harmful to the environment. Good news though, you can hire a rubbish clearance business to take away all your e-waste! They know how to properly dispose of the waste to ensure it has the least possible impact on the environment.

4. Recyclable Waste

Recycling has hit the world by storm. As more people become aware of the impacts humans are having on the environment, there has been an increase of recyclable items. These are items that can be converted into another material and repurposed.

You are probably well aware of the items you can recycle, they include; glass, cardboard paper and plastic food or beverage containers, etc. The great thing about recycling at home is that you don’t have to sort it. The recyclable rubbish simply gets sorted at the source.

So there you have it! The top 3 most common types of rubbish! We hope that this information was useful and you can properly dispose of your rubbish. Do you have a rubbish clearance issue that requires a professional? Get in contact with GoodBye Junk today! We will be able to get the rubbish off your hands as quick as possible.

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