Criminal lawyers: when to seek help ?

When criminal proceedings are been carried out, it is imperative that the case is meticulously handled. Initial off the cuff remarks and unguarded statements made during the interview have far reaching consequences. A criminal lawyer is able to assist and ensure the process is as hassle free as possible.

A verdict of guilt may lead to prison. At the very least, it can cause major disruptions in one’s daily life. Again, competent Sydney criminal lawyers have the experience and can make strategic decisions to ensure the defendant has the best chance of a lenient verdict.

Common offences where you need a criminal lawyer:

  1. Assault

To paraphrase the legal parlance on assault, when a person is violent or threatening against another person, it is considered assault. It takes a criminal lawyer to point out that the mere threat is sufficient to classify an incident as assault. In Sydney this is one of the top three reasons recorded for criminal incidents.


  1. Murder

The law looks at homicide as the act of taking the life of a human being. It should be noted that both murder and manslaughter are categorised as homicide. The crucial difference is that a criminal lawyer will be adept in pointing out that manslaughter lacks a decided intent or ‘moral culpability’ by the perpetrator.


  1. Traffic

There is a high probability that someone who uses a car will be stopped on the busy streets of Sydney. It could be an innocuous breathalyser test or a minor warning, such as failure to indicate. The other end of the spectrum is something like dangerous driving resulting in death.

If found guilty many of the traffic offences attract mandatory penalties, so the court has limited discretion. The greater Sydney region had recorded 91,324 incidents where police had to criminally charge the motorist.


  1. Drug Related

As of 2017 it is an offence to traffic a ‘drug of dependence’. The following is the broad spectrum of criminal offenses of drug related nature:

  • Producing drugs with the intention of selling
  • The advertisement of selling drugs
  • Procuring drugs for one’s use or to pass it on to someone else
  • Exchanging drugs

Here a criminal lawyer could be the difference between a slap on the wrist or being treated as part of organised crime.


  1. Theft / Dishonesty

Theft is one of the most common offenses reported. In legal terms, theft is the appropriation of someone’s property with no intention to return it to the original owner. A slightly depressing statistic released by the NSW government is that there were 67,528 reported cases of theft in the greater Sydney region alone.


  1. Online Offences

Online offences involve the use of a ‘carriage service’ to commit criminal offences. In general these cover financial impropriety. Recently, researchers at the University of Technology Sydney found an alarming rise in online offences relating to child exploitation material. It is best to have the steady guidance of a criminal lawyer when traversing such a minefield of accusations.


  1. Fraud

In a similar vein to theft, the notable difference in case of fraud is that the accused is said to have obtained ownership by deception.  This use of deceit is where the criminality comes into play. Naturally a criminal lawyer would be excellent at identifying the shades of such a complex case.


  1. Child Exploitation

With the current climate of the Australian Royal Commission looking into allegations of improper conduct by certain sections of the Catholic Church; it is imperative to understand this often overlooked niche of criminal law. It covers age of consent, grooming, evocative selfies, sexting and child exploitation material.


  1. Rape/Sexual Offences

The law is clear in its definition. Any situation when an act of non-consensual penetration occurs is rape. In such cases, a criminal lawyer is essential to give one the best possible chance to clear one’s name.


  1. Intervention Orders

An intervention order is an official order issued by the Magistrates’ Court in cases where a person has had to endure violent or threatening behaviour from another person. It is much better to let a criminal lawyer deal with the paperwork in such harrowing times.


  1. Robbery / Burglary

Not dissimilar to theft, the distinction between the two is when there is a threat or use of force, it makes the crime a robbery. This is where the experience of a criminal lawyer is needed, as the differences could mean up to 5 years extra imprisonment. The seriousness is also highlighted by the fact that there were under 2000 reported cases of robbery in Sydney, over 30 times less than the number of thefts.

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How to Hire an Awesome Handyman in Melbourne

A handyman is a person who is able to do special domestic repairs and small renovations. In this day and age, life can get extremely busy and hiring help is the perfect way to keep a home in order without having to personally invest the time.

Some people find that there are jobs around the home that are simply beyond their skillset. Many contractors are proficient in small, odd jobs but can also complete larger projects in the home, office or factory.

Finding a reliable and capable person help you out can save you time, money and resources, so here is how to hire an awesome handyman.

Establish what needs to be done: The first step to finding good help is to establish what needs to be done. Many companies offer commercial and residential options, including a variety of services such as flat pack assembly, carpentry, gutter cleaning and much more.

Making a list of what needs to be done before contacting different businesses saves a lot of time in the long run. If several jobs need doing it is important to figure out what they are and if they can be done at the same time or if they need to be completed in a certain order.

Establishing a time-frame is also a great way to be prepared when you find your agency, especially when the time comes to request quotes.

Research a variety of companies: Once it is known what services need to be completed, you can start researching. Looking at a variety of different options is an easy way to compare services offered, costs and timeframes.

Many companies have user-friendly websites that include relevant information and free quotes. Visiting a business’ social media page is also a great way to get a feel for the agency’s vision and standards.

Taking a few hours out of the day to research different companies can help you to hire an awesome handyman in Melbourne rather than a mediocre one.

Find out how long the company has been in business:  A quick indication of how reputable an agency is can be found by checking how long they have been in business. While of course there are some amazing start-up businesses out there, more established companies will have a reputation to protect.

Many companies have been around since the nineties and have truly established their skills and values as a business. Another positive indication of a capable agency is when the company has several successful franchises. A strong business presence can often indicate a strong work ethic and commendable services.

Match skillset to the task: When researching different handyman companies in Melbourne it is important to ensure that their employees can complete the task. For example, some contractors may offer kitchen renovation services while others may not.

It is important to double check that the company has the skillset to match the task at hand by viewing the services available on their website, or by speaking with a customer service representative.

Find out the company’s vision and mission: Any good company will have their mission and values available to read on their website and in their marketing material. A stand-out agency will have the drive to offer amazing customer service and high standards.

An extraordinary company won’t hire just anyone, ensuring that background checks are completed on their staff as well as making sure that their employees are well-trained. Some companies even play their part in the community by working alongside charitable organisations.

Finding a company with a strong vision and mission helps ensure that you hire capable help to complete the task at hand.

Find out the costs: Finding out the costs of getting your job done can help avoid any sticky situations down the track. Most good agencies will happily offer free quotes via their website or over the phone.

It is important to establish that the task fits the budget before booking any services. This way a task can be completed without any nasty surprises and everyone leaves the transaction feeling happy, agency, contractor and client alike.

Read feedback and testimonials: A quick and easy way to find quality help is by reading feedback and testimonials. A simple way to do this is to jump onto review pages or social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Searching for testimonials in a Google search is another great way to read honest opinions. Chatting with friends, family and the local community can also be beneficial when seeking information on reliable contractors.

To summarise, in order to enjoy the benefits of handyman services in Melbourne either at home or at work it is important to find good help to complete your task rather than a mediocre contractor.

This can be done by establishing the task at hand, researching a variety of companies, working out how long the company has been in business, matching skillset to the task, finding out the company’s vision and mission, enquiring about the costs and by reading feedback and testimonials.

Spending the time to do this can save time, money and resources down the track.

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We frequently get asked the amount it would cost to introduce enough photovoltaic (PV)solar panels on a house or business working to produce one’s own particular electrical vitality. There are sites to help with this, and Solar Power Authority even has a free solar number cruncher and quote apparatus, however they can befuddle unless you’re a technologist .

In the USA, a dependable guideline is that the normal house devours power at the rate of 1 kW for every hour (kWh). There are around 730 hours in every month, and the normal cost of a kWh of power is $0.10. So a normal month to month bill would be around $73 for 730 kWh of power.

Obviously, this can shift impressively in the event that you have non-standard things, for example, a hot-tub, or some electrical system running ceaselessly. Expanded PC utilize, plasma screen TVs and computer games consoles can likewise have an effect. Your use will increment altogether in months when you run an aerating and cooling unit, also. At last, the cost of power shifts broadly over the USA, from as low as $0.07/kWh in West Virginia to as much as $0.24/kWh in Hawaii. You’ll need to modify my rules likewise, on the grounds that they apply to a normal home with normal utilization and normal power costs.

A traditionalist incentive to use as a solar panels creating limit is 10 watts/sq. ft. This speaks to a board change proficiency of around 12%, which is commonplace. This implies for each kW you create, you require around 100 sq. ft. of sun based boards. In the event that the sun shone 24 hours per day, you could set up 100 sq. ft. of boards and have enough vitality to control the normal home.

Be that as it may, as we as a whole know, the sun is accessible just amid sunshine hours, and the sum accessible every day is very reliant on the degree of overcast cover. Likewise, the length of every day is subject to the season. Luckily, there are assets on the web to enable you to make sense of how long every day (by and large) you can rely on the sun to sparkle, in light of where you live.

The midpoints over the USA shift from around 3 hours for every day in places like Seattle, Chicago, and Pittsburgh, to 5 or 6 hours for each day in states like Colorado and California, to a high of 7 hours for each day in Arizona. This means the span of the board cluster required can change, somewhere in the range of 400 sq. ft. to 800 sq. ft. (i.e., 4 kW to 8 kW), contingent upon where you live. You’ll require more boards on the off chance that you live in an area that gets less daylight every day, and less on the off chance that you live in an area that gets more.

On the off chance that your service organization enables you to have net metering that is, they supply you with a unique meter that will turn in reverse when you create more power than you utilize your yearly bill can normal out at zero. In light of shorter days in the winter, you’ll likely be a net buyer of power in that season and a net maker in the late spring months. A lattice tied framework like this is not the same as off-network frameworks utilized as a part of remote areas with no electrical administration; those require batteries, which can essentially build general framework costs.

At the season of this written work, the introduced cost of sun powered boards was between $7-$9 per watt: A 5 kW framework would cost around $25,000-$35,000. Numerous service organizations offer motivators, and some sponsor as much as half of framework costs. Indeed, even at a large portion of the cost, however, a system that produces a normal $75 of power every month could set aside a long opportunity to pay for itself.

For instance: A system that expenses $18,000 has a payback time of around 20 years. The cost of a sun oriented board today is around $3 per watt, and the additional cost of establishment brings costs up to $5-$6 per watt. Note: Installation costs for PV frameworks incorporate both work and the hardware expected to tie the sunlight based cluster into your current electrical framework.

Standard Solar System Components

This raises an essential point: it takes more than a solar panels to get a PV framework up and running, however. Truth be told, there are for the most part four segments in each PV framework:

Solar panels – catches sun’s vitality and believers it to power

Controller – ensures batteries by managing the stream of power

Batteries – store power for later utilize

Inverter – changes over vitality put away in a battery to voltage expected to run standard electrical hardware

The whole framework is the thing that drives the cost of solar and hardware like batteries should be supplanted after some time.

Fortunately the expenses for solar panels are required to keep on dropping, as thin film boards from organizations like First Solar, Nano solar, and AVA Solar wind up plainly accessible to the private market. At this moment, however, First Solar is just pitching to business clients. Nano solar and AVA Solar presently can’t seem to increase their creation offices. It will enthusiasm to see where this all goes in the following year or two, since these organizations are discussing extremely forceful value targets — in the request of $1-2 for each watt — and volumes that are a few times the present aggregate yield.

Expecting that establishment and helper gear expenses can be decreased to around $1 per watt, at that point a 5 kW framework may cost as meager as $10,000, and the payback time frame would be 10 years, even without sponsorships. This makes PV sun based establishments significantly more appealing. Obviously, this accept electric rates remain steady.

In any case, they are probably going to ascend as fuel and other framework costs increment, so payback periods might be significantly shorter later on. Meanwhile, hope to see more PV sun powered boards introduced on rooftops, particularly in ranges with great solar conditions or with higher-than-normal power rates.

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What is Payday Loan?

There is no exact definition of a payday loan, but normally they are considered to be very short term loan with a high rate of interest. Generally you can take a loan of $500 or less to cover the monthly expenditures and you have to repay the loan on your next pay day.

Who is Eligible for Payday Loans?

It totally depends on the lender company and their terms of services. Normally a person who have a good job and getting almost 1000$ monthly salary along with a bank account and an active debit card can apply for the payday loan of almost $500. If the monthly salary is less than 1000$, let’s say it is about 600$ to 700$ then the applicant can get a loan of amount $300. There could be some more requirements depending on the company you are dealing with like they could ask for your passport or national identity card, or they want to see that your bank statement is good and some more. But normally best payday loan companies don’t ask these things they just need to know how much your monthly salary is, your bank account and the debit card. If you have all these, you are good to go.

How to apply for payday loan?

As these are fast cash payday loans, so normally all the companies have online system so that needy people can apply for payday loan online. Few companies can ask you to visit their physical address and then provide the required information and fill out the application form and agreement letter. But most of the time, you just need to fill the application and can apply for payday loan online.

How many days to receive the payment?

As these are considered fast cash loans, so the applicant doesn’t need to wait to complete a long process of verifications of documents and guarantors. Normally the applicant gets the cash amount on the same day of applying for the payday loan. Just make it sure that you have completed and submitted the application at the start of the day without any errors and the cash amount will be transferred to your bank account before the end of the working day.

How to repay the loan?

It depends on your agreement and terms of services you have signed at the time of applying to get the payday loan. Normally your bank account is attached to the agreement between the applicant and the lender and on the day you receive your pay i.e. on your payday, they debit the original amount and the total profit/interest on that amount from the bank account directly.

What happens if you don’t payback a payday loan?

The lender will try to take money from the bank account of the borrower. If there is not enough amounts in the bank account they will keep trying to debit that amount from the bank account until they get their money. Or in past, if someone else paid the loan amount for that specific borrower, the lender will also try to take money from the account of that person as well to settle the loan amount. So in this case, the best option for borrower is to meet the lender personally and settle the issue with mutual understanding.


Though it is very good idea to borrow a small amount of loan on the same day you need and then repay that amount on your next payday. But for that you have to find out the company who is providing best payday loans on easy agreement near you. You should check the profile of that company and should read the full agreement and each point in terms and condition form to avoid any unpleasant experience. Also keep in mind that what will be the reaction of the company if you fail to pay back the loan amount. You can find that in the agreement form.

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5 Business Ideas for Students with Almost No Startup Cost

To make your life easy and to fulfill all your needs, you need to compete with the rest of the world. These days, it is not possible to survive for a family with only one person working to earn money and to support all other family members. Usually in developing countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, it is the responsibility of the head of the house to go out and work to bare the expenses of all the family members including the study expenses of children. But now, students get some awareness that they can at least do some work as a freelancer or a part time job to bare the expenses of their own education and give some relief to the head of their house which is usually their father.

Here I am giving 5 business ideas for students with almost no startup cost:

Web Development

These days, almost every student has a computer or a laptop for studies purposes along with a good internet connection. Students can work as a freelance web developer and can offer their services to different startup companies who want online presence. There is no startup cost at all if the student has his own computer and internet connection. He just needs to learn some basic techniques on how to develop a startup website.

Most of the students from IT field have knowledge of different programming languages like PHP, JAVA and ASP.Net but even if he is not familiar with these, he can easily learn how to setup a WordPress website by watching different step by step video tutorials from YouTube. From part time web developer a student can easily establish his own startup business by hiring few more freelancers and outsourcing the work in low price.

Content Writer

Students are normally good in searching different things on the internet and they also have good writing skills. So content writing could also be a good Startup idea for a student to work in free hours and make money online without any startup cost. Different companies regularly asks for the content for their websites and students can provide them their required content in relatively low price as compared to a professional writer without compromising on the quality of the content. So it could be a good idea to start a part time business without investing anything except the expertise and time.

Online Courses & Tutoring

It is very common that Indian, Pakistani or Bengali students work as a tutor and they join different academies or they start home tuitions. But for these they have to go out of their house or hostel and they can only teach few students. But starting online courses, and offering online teaching facilities have a good scope for students. They can teach a student of lower class and grades online using Skype or other video confessing apps.

They can make a handsome amount by offering online teaching facility and they can also put their courses online at their own websites or on YouTube and then they can monetize their content for making easy online money.

Social Media Consulting

Almost every business and companies have their social media pages to spread the awareness about their services and products to a wide audience. Students are very good in communicating with other people and they also knew different tricks and methods to spread their content on social media and get good reach. It is a fact that big groups and pages on Facebook and other social media sites are run by students but they don’t know how they can make a good use of these pages. So they can offer their services to different startup companies to handle their social media pages or they can be their virtual assistant to guide them how to run a successful campaign on social media.

Graphic Designing

Logo designing is also a very good business and it can make good money for you. A student who is good in using Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw can offer his services to different companies or start his career as a part time freelancer at any freelancing site like UpWork or Fiverr. Photo editing, logo designing, Flyer designs, designing visiting cards, business card, and even website’s templates could be a good startup business for the students and they can make money online with no startup cost at all.

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Team Building Activities

Groups are more profitable and shared when they use Huddle. In any case, even and in addition can be normal preferred standpoint from aggregate building exercises; they’re a marvelous strategy for improving correspondence, soul, motivation, gainfulness, helping delegates to wind up noticeably familiar with each other better, and getting some answers concerning one’s qualities and deficiencies. Gathering building activities can be used by any business, considerable or little, to propel better participation in the workplace, and as most business people and managers know, mind boggling joint effort is one of the key segments related with an association’s flourishing.

teambuilding matlagning stockholm

Two Truths and a Lie

Time Required: 15-30 minutes

Begin by having each colleague subtly record two realities about themselves and one lie on a little bit of paper – Do not uncover to anybody what you recorded! Once every individual has finished this progression, permit 10-15 minutes for open discussion – much like a mixed drink party – where everybody tests each other on their three inquiries. The thought is to persuade others that your lie is really a fact, while then again, you endeavor to figure other individuals’ certainties/lies by making inquiries. Try not to uncover your facts or mislead anybody – regardless of the possibility that most of the workplace as of now has it made sense of! After the conversational period, assemble around and one by one rehash every last one of your three explanations and have the gathering vote on which one they believe is the lie. You can play this amusement intensely and grant focuses for each lie you figure or for baffling different players all alone lie. This diversion empowers better correspondence in the workplace, and also it gives you a chance to become more acquainted with your associates better.

Life Highlights Game

Time Required: 30 minutes

This is an astounding icebreaker movement that is ideal for little and vast gatherings alike. Start by requesting that every member close their eyes for one moment and consider the best snapshots of their lives. This can incorporate minutes they’ve had alone, they’ve imparted to family or companions; these minutes can relate to proficient triumphs, individual disclosures, or energizing life enterprises. After the members have had a minute to gone through features of their lives, educate them that their look for features is going to be limited. Keeping their eyes shut, request that every member pause for a minute to choose what 30 seconds of their life they would need to remember in the event that they just had thirty seconds left in their life. The initial segment of the movement empowers members to ponder back their lives, while the second part (which we’ll examine in a minute) empowers them to become more acquainted with their colleagues on a more close level. The second segment of the amusement is the “survey” area. The pioneer of the action will ask every single member what their 30 seconds involved and why they picked it, which will enable members to figure out each other’s interests, loves, and identities.

Coin Logo

Time Required: 5-10 minutes

Start by requesting that all members discharge their pockets, handbags, and wallets of any coins they may have and put them on the table before them. In the event that somebody doesn’t have any coins or just has not very many, others in the room can impart their coins to them. Educate every individual to make their very own logo utilizing the coins before them in only one moment. Different materials they may have on them, for example, pens, journals, wallets, and so forth can likewise be utilized as a part of production of the logo. In the event that there is an especially vast gathering, individuals can be separated into groups of 3-6 individuals and educated to make a logo that speaks to them as a group or the entire room can assemble to utilize the coins to make a logo for the association/gathering/division/and so on. Every lone member can disclose their logo to the gathering or if the room was part into gatherings, the pioneer can have each gathering examine what prompted the group logo and what it says in regards to them. Not exclusively does this action advance self and common mindfulness, yet it likewise empowers members to become more acquainted with each other on a more individual level.

The One Question Ice Breaker Activity

Time Required: 15-20 minutes

This icebreaker gets collaborators conversing with each other, as well as makes them work with each other. It’s very straightforward: the pioneer gets the opportunity to choose the circumstance the inquiry will relate to. Case circumstances incorporate looking after children, the organization, or being hitched. Subsequent to matching members into groups, the pioneer will suggest this conversation starter: If you could pose only one inquiry to find a man’s reasonableness for (embed point here), what might your inquiry be? Say the pioneer ran with a marriage circumstance. That implies every individual in a two-man group would think of one inquiry that would enable them to find regardless of whether their accomplice was appropriate to be hitched to them. On the off chance that the subject was looking after children, colleague would need to think of only one inquiry whose answer would enable them to decide if the individual was reasonable to keep an eye on tyke. This icebreaking action can likewise get stirred up by issuing one circumstance for the whole gathering or apportioning an alternate circumstance to each colleague or combine to deal with. Contingent upon the circumstance picked, the action can be extremely fun, yet it can likewise show that vital inquiries ought to be created legitimately.

Order Game

Time Required: 10-15 minutes

The order amusement can be a fast icebreaker or a more unpredictable movement. For the reasons for this case, we will regard this movement as a brisk icebreaker. Before part the room into groups of four, clarify the idea of “categorizing somebody,” which implies ordering somebody as something or stereotyping somebody. It ought to be clarified that this kind of characterization is subjective and unhelpfully judgmental. Teach the members to acquaint themselves with those in their group and rapidly talk about some of their preferences, loathes, and so forth. After the presentations, uncover to the groups that it will be their business to find how they ought to arrange themselves as a group into a few subgroups by utilizing criteria that contains no negative, biased, or oppressive judgments. Cases of these subgroups can incorporate night owls and morning individuals, pineapple pizza sweethearts and sushi darlings, and so on. This movement urges associates to become more acquainted with each other better and empowers them to by and large consider the idea of all people inside the group.

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Things to Consider Before Filing for Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a messy process, and depending on the reasons behind the split it can be an emotional experience.

It is easy to overlook the finer details, but to make sure you don’t miss out on your full entitlements you should consider the following:

Be as prepared as possible:

Having time to prepare yourself for a split is not always realistic. Sometimes a relationship unexpectedly breaks down and one party immediately asks for a divorce. In Australia, you are legally required to be separated for 12 months before becoming divorced so use this time wisely.

If you can predict a separation is coming and you know it won’t be amicable, you may wish to set up a separate bank account or put some cash aside in case your day to day funds are tied up.

If you do not currently have your own line of credit, consider building this up for your future. If you have ever been through a break up you will know people can change very quickly.

Educate yourself and consider the best possible outcome.

Consult with an experienced lawyer

 Seeking the help of best divorce lawyer may seem like a costly exercise, but you do need to consider what you may miss out on without them. Failing to settle correctly may leave you with long term regrets.

You don’t necessarily need to have a lawyer on standby 24 hours a day, you may just want help with a few legal documents and advice. Complicated situations may need more assistance than those which are straightforward.

To find a lawyer, look for feedback online. For example, you can search for the best divorce lawyer Sydney. Find someone you are comfortable with and who has experience in this area. When you visit a lawyer for the first time, be organised. Find out what you need to bring to the appointment and arrive on time.

If you are directed to mediation, this can be a good time to compromise but you should not lock anything which you don’t feel comfortable with.

Think about where you want to live

Once you have gained the assistance of a lawyer, you will have a clearer understanding of what you are entitled to. It is important to think about where you want to live. Do you want to stay in the family home?

Unfortunately, keeping the house may not be affordable and other options may have to be considered.

You need to be budget conscious and think about not only the repayments but the ongoing maintenance and expenses. How much does it really cost to run your household? Are there things you may have to cut back on?

If there is an agreement to sell the house, you may have to work together to make sure it is sale ready. You need to be financially prepared for the likelihood of it not selling instantly.

Look at your combined finances

People often think about the obvious assets but forget there are other items which need to be dealt with. Do you and your ex have any of the following?


  • Superannuation
  • Shared bank accounts
  • Property
  • Personal loans
  • Credit cards
  • Debts
  • A business
  • Valuables

These will often need to be divided up, and an accountant may be able to assist with this. While your assets are shared, your debts may be too!

Make a copy of your latest tax return and any other documentation which may be relevant. It would be in your best interest to locate or estimate the annual income of the other party.

Consider the best interests of the children

 When you have children, you may have to try to work with your ex to keep their lives running smoothly. Interestingly, these days, couples often share custody of their beloved pets as well as their children!

Custody arrangements will need to be negotiated and any child support will be calculated based on income and percentage of care. It is best to start a routine early to give your family time to adjust.

A stable home life will be in the best interest of the children, it won’t be easy but try to do your best!

The final say…

If you are ready to file for divorce and start a new chapter in your life, it really is a good idea to hire a divorce lawyer. Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth – wherever you live you will be able to find the right help for your situation.

Having an impartial expert guide you through the divorce process when you are feeling emotionally drained will mean a quicker, less stressful outcome for you and your family. Good luck!

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Is Family Law the Right Area of Law for you?

As a law student deciding what area of law to pursue as a career can be the most difficult and daunting decision to make and it can only really be answered once you’ve experienced them. We’ve gathered together some insights from actually family lawyers, as well as general advice on family law to help you decide if it’s the right for you.

Areas of Family Law
Family law is an area that covers a multitude of facets, the most common of which are divorce proceedings, custody, child support and property settlement. It is perfectly normal that as a family lawyer you will likely practice in all of these fields, while simultaneously focusing on one practice.

Work Experience
The experiential route was certainly the most suggested when it comes to discovering what type of law you want to practice in.

One family lawyer that has practiced for 19 years gave the specific advice of, “Work 6 months with a family practitioner at least while in law school to see if you like it”.

Independent Research
It can be extremely difficult to find an appropriate work experience job however, so if you are unable to find such a role a lawyer with 24 years experienced suggested at least, “talk to experienced practitioners about working in family law before entering it”.

We would advise also researching online the specifics of practicing family law that provide greater analysis than course work. As well as reading articles about what should be understood and family lawyers opinions, such as this one. (Well Done!)

Suggested Skills
According to Lawyers Plus, one attorney gave an in-depth description of the skills and attributes a family lawyer should possess.

“It is very helpful to develop counselling skills, as you will be dealing with people going through a very emotional time in their lives”, he continued on communication requirements, “People skills are important, particularly oral communication. You are constantly in contact with people whether it be your client opposing counsel, or court personnel”.

He also discussed the need for skills in: time management, meditation, litigation and basic understanding of accounting and financial management.

This is in addition to all the necessary legal knowledge that would form the basis of your abilities as a lawyer.

Negatives of Family Law
Law in general is not for everyone, with a plethora of reasons why you shouldn’t become a lawyer, family law has a couple more that are unique.

“It’s tough stuff and it’s sad work”, a lawyer with 13 years’ experience bleakly remarked, “the only joy I find in the work is successful mediation with cases that have been settled with litigation avoided”. She also added, “If you’re not a caretaker don’t do it. If you’re it for the money, don’t do it”.

This should not be seen as discouragement, rather just an expression of the realities that will be faced as a family lawyer.

Positives of Family Law
While the family law can be tough, hard and discouraging it can also be extremely rewarding.

This is summed up effectively by Gail Nunn, “It is the most rewarding and most frustrating area of law”.

For most family lawyers it is the personal level which family law function on the ability to work with people and help them personally.

“It’s a good area if you like dealing with people more than paper”, Nunn stated.

San Franciscan Lawyer Lawrence Stotter was drawn to family law because of the human elements, “the personal involvement with clients and the ability to guide parties legally who are in distress.”

While Gary Skoloff talked about the children, “saving the children from parents who love them but lose their sense of perspective.”

Family law more than any other law can provide you with the opportunity to personal help guide someone onto a better life path, or ease the pain felt through one their hardest moments. For this reason it can be the most fulfilling area of law.

When considering entering any area of law, understanding the nuances, intricacies and caveats is of the upmost importance. In regards to family law, the emotional and personal level which these function means that the personal turmoil can be elevated for you as the lawyer. We hope that these small insights and guidance can help assist you on your decision on whether or not family law is the right area of law for you.

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Key ways to prepare for a meeting with your divorce lawyer

Getting divorced can be one of the biggest events that an individual can go through in their life. It is something that is important to prepare for and make sure it is the right decision for you. One key part of this preparation is to find the right divorce lawyer for you.

When you have done your research and found a suitable lawyer, the next step is your first meeting. When you are properly prepared for this initial meeting it will save you time and money in the long-term.

Here are key elements to prepare for when meeting with your divorce lawyer for the first time.

Think about timing

Ensuring you are spending enough time with your legal representative is a key factor when it comes to your initial meeting. You need to have enough time to discuss the background of your case, provide any key information that may help with your proceedings, as well as talk about expected outcomes.

Take a look at your schedule and make sure you have enough time to get to your lawyer’s office. Try to minimise any external barriers such as getting stuck in traffic or needing to rush from or to a meeting. Sometimes these things can’t be helped, but where possible try and book your meeting for a time when you will have the least distractions.

Another possible distraction that you should consider is not bringing your children with you. Firstly, you need to be 100 per cent focused on the meeting at hand. Secondly, you need to be open and honest in your discussions, so having your children there may hinder you ability to do this.

 Prepare for your emotions

Many people feel anxious before and during their first initial meeting with their legal representative. Divorce proceedings are an anxious time and it is completely normal to feel nervous.

Bringing along a friend or another family member can help with your emotions, so if you are prone to anxiety or having a difficult time discussing your divorce, it might be ideal to bring someone with you to the meeting. Sometimes having someone you trust that already knows what you are going through will give you that added support. With so much going through your head at a time such as this, a trusted friend or family member can also remind you of conversations that you may need to have with your lawyer and prompt you to discuss this.

Make sure you bring what is required

 Normally when you initially book your meeting and enquire about any initial consultation fee, you will sometimes be given a questionnaire to fill in. This is to help your lawyer prepare for the meeting before you arrive. They should also ask you to bring key documents and contracts.

If the person who is setting up the meeting or your lawyer doesn’t ask you to bring anything, it is wise to ask the question anyway. Sometimes miscommunication can arise and your legal professional may have thought another person in their firm may have already asked you to bring these items. When in doubt, just double check.

Some common divorce documentation that you may need to bring includes;


  • Full details, such as address and birth date, of you, your partner and any children.
  • Your marriage certificate.
  • Employment details and how much you earn.
  • Details of assets, including any properties and their values.
  • Details of any credit or debt.

 Get your questions ready

 As with any meeting, it’s good to have questions ready to go prior to the meeting so you get the most out of your meeting and leave understanding next steps and potential outcomes.

As this is an anxious time, having prepared questions will help ensure you don’t forget to ask anything. Also, feeling prepared can help calm anxiety.

Typical questions to ask include;


  • What fees will be involved during the divorce process? E.g. flat fee, hourly rate etc.
  • How frequently and via what communication method will we have discussions and exchange information?
  • How long will the end-to-end divorce process take?

Divorce proceedings are always a time filled with uncertainties and anxieties. However, one of the aims in preparing for your initial meeting with your legal representative is to calm these nerves and know that you are one step closer to resolving your legal matter and moving on. When preparing for your meeting, remember to make sure you have enough time and no distractions, bring a trusted friend along if you would feel more comfortable, bring relevant documents that are asked of you and prepare a list of questions.

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What to look for when seeking out family lawyers

Many people start researching family lawyers when they are going through an emotional time in their lives. They are normally desperate to seek legal advice sooner rather than later, and because of this, many people spend a large sum of money going through a revolving door of professionals, only to be left in the dark each time.

Individuals can then become sceptical, even wary, and feel even more lost and disheartened then before they began their search. Here are some key elements to look for in a family lawyer and some lessons that can be followed to so you don’t make the wrong choices.

 They should have a specific style

There are law firms that claim to be relentless and others that have a more negotiable approach. Most the time, a law firm should be one or the other. If they are telling you that they can be everything you say you want, then this is a warning sign to look out for.

Everyone knows that family lawyers should be honest and true to their style of litigation. In this way, they can be the best legal representation for you and your family matter. Rather have the “wool pulled over your eyes” see if they are talking about their skill set and style, rather than just what you want to hear.

 They should specialise in family law

 Just like in any industry, the more a business specialises in a certain area the more likely they are to be the best fit for the job. Practicing law in this litigation area requires specific knowledge of the legal system, as well as particular ways on how to approach and deal with all parties concerned.

There are issues concerning child support, super and tax, and marriage separation entitlements. There are regular changes and debates happening on a political level when it comes to family law. Make sure you’re in safe and up-to-date hands when it comes to your decision.

Find out what qualifications and experience they have

 This is a simple one, but an important one. You should always ask what type of qualifications they have, whether they specialise in family law and how long they have been practicing for.

Normally lawyers aren’t going to be boasting about their qualifications, so it’s important to ask the question. Normally those that do so without being asked and claim to have “lots” of experience are normally those that are trying to embellish their experience.

 It’s not always about their winning track record

A good legal representative will ensure the best outcome is achieved for their client and this doesn’t always mean winning the case in the traditional sense. What might be best for a client will differ from case to case, but these could include settling out of court and agreeing to a request from the opposing party.

Also, when children are involved, a good legal professional should tell you that it’s about the best interest of the child. There can be further conflict down the track if a narrow-minded and stubborn outlook is taken to from the outset.

 Make sure you feel comfortable

Your potential representative might have the qualifications, the track record and experience, but if you don’t feel comfortable with them then you may need to look elsewhere. In order for you to get the best outcome and service, you will need to be open and honest. This won’t come easily if you feel you have your guard up from your first meeting.

If you don’t feel uncomfortable for whatever reason, ask if you can possibly have a meeting with another person from their firm rather than starting the search again and going elsewhere.

 Ask if they have other points of contact

Just like any working professional, we all have take holidays, sick days and other days off for unforseen events. When you choose your legal professional you want to know that you won’t be left in the lurch and you will always have someone who has a handle on your case.

Having a second lawyer in the room when you are explaining your case is an ideal way to make sure there is someone there from the beginning that understands your case and what you are seeking. If you ever need urgent advice and your legal representative isn’t available, then you know you have someone you can count on.

When looking around for a lawyer, it’s best to have criteria that you can go by. It will be your guide for when you need to make the final decision and could save you time and money down the track. Remember ask about their specific legal style, their experience and most of all make sure you feel comfortable in having them represent you.

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