Canabidiol [CBD] is reclassified as Medication by Anvisa

Canabidiol [CBD] is reclassified as Medication by Anvisa

Canabidiol [CBD] is reclassified as Medication by Anvisa (National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance), unanimously approved as a drug for controlled use. Cannabidiol is a derivative of marijuana, known by the acronym CBD. We’ll talk more about this next week!

What contributed a lot to this decision is the fact that there are no reports of dependence related to the use of cannabidiol. Another very important factor in the decision is the evidence recorded in the scientific literature that CBD helps to treat some diseases, such as severe eplepsy, for example.

This decision will contribute much to the evolution in the researches and will bring more tranquility to the families that need and know of the healing power that this plant has, but we are asking for legalization! So far the federal government says it has received 374 requests for the drug.

That’s great news! We hope that more news like this will come soon, because it is time to give due value to Cannabis.

There are currently techniques for extracting the CBD. Cannabidiol is not cheap, because the substance responsible for the crazy breeze is THC, which is also part of the composition of Cannabis. But some online sites are sealing it wholesale CBD in cheap rates. After extraction is made a marijuana oil (HEMP OIL) that can even be used for cooking, like a normal cooking oil. The remedy comes from this oil.

A few months ago we posted on the ILLEGAL documentary – Life Does not Wait, which tells of a mother’s struggle to manage her daughter’s illness. In the documentary they talk a lot about cannabidiol because it is the cannabis component they use as a drug and it has reduced epileptic seizures from 60 to none in a few months.

We found a 5 minute video that shows a bit of the documentary. It’s worth watching!

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