The Best Way to Keep You Food Nutritious

Some nutrients and vitamins in particular, are water-soluble. They tend to move to this environment if we dive them in: it is said that they are water-soluble. If you cook the vegetables in the water, part of the nutrients will be lost in cooking water, which can be a waste.

The example of broccoli, rich in vitamin C.Cooking in water makes them lose more than 30% of their content of vitamins C, a steaming close to 20% and preparation in the microwave makes it down below 10%!

A study has managed to show that cooking has water resulted in greater losses in vegetables-leaves (63% of potassium, 59% of Sodium and 43% of Magnesium) that the cooking steam (17% of potassium, 17% of Sodium and 11% of Magnesium).


The steaming preferred

Every day, the ideal is steam cooking, but cooking in choking is also possible. This is done in a closed container (a pan covered for example) to fire very soft and not using the water contained in the food.

During cooking, it is the circumference of the food that suffered the most damage. In the heart zone, the nutritional changes are less marked because the temperatures are often lower. Ensuring a homogeneous heat (and maintaining a temperature that never exceeds 100 ° C), steam cooking allows you to limit the destruction of vitamins and the formation of toxic compounds because it takes less time to cook the heart of food. Cooking in papillote, which is to place the food in an airtight container and place it in the oven, in boiling water or in the microwave, is a common method. The best product for the rest foil baking paper and not aluminum that can contaminate food. Moreover, the Ecooe stainless steel steamer is a lovely kitchen gadget can be easily cleaned and reused.

Steaming: the best solution?

If steam cooking pretty good press regarding its health virtues, this isn’t really the case about the taste of food. Unlike other cooking techniques (grilled or sauteed for example), the steam does not allow caramelization and the appearance of these succulent compounds are the bodies of Macdonald. They correspond to the action of sugars on the protein at high temperature, and are particularly responsible for the characteristic taste of grilled meat. The balance between content in vitamins and taste is perhaps to find on the side of the steam oven, even if the latter, bulky and expensive, is not yet an affordable choice for all.

Grown up, boiled, jumped, braised… Finally, the variety of cooking is probably the best guarantee to successfully juggle between pleasure and quality nutrition!

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