Best Torrent Sites

Best Torrent Sites

Millions of people are visiting Torrent sites for downloading Movies, Games, Music, Software and many more. One does not have to pay for torrent and can freely download paid stuff. Torrent sites are also one of the most visited websites across the world, uploaded by millions of TBs data which downloaded by millions of visitors on daily basis. It is the largest platform of transferring files over the Internet using P2P protocols. This article shares best torrent sites makes available variety of torrents for movies, cartoons, software, games and many more as already mentioned above.

1- also has the second name Yify Torrents which is more popular, makes available verified files online. It is one of the best torrent sites specifically for downloading movies. It also enables the user download the movies in multiple quality types, normally every single movie is available at 720p and 1080p quality. You can also download torrents of 3D movies which can hardly available on other torrent sites. One has to be registered on to enjoy the access on bundles of premium quality movies.

2- enjoys the high ranking among the all torrent sites available on Internet. It is popular for uploading huge amount of content on daily basis. It also features advanced search engine which allows you to enjoy more refined searches and exactly found those files you were looking for. This site mainly features and lineup the updated content on its first page so that people can also keep them updated if new releases are made on the site. is one of the best torrent sites which also ensure reliability and security.

  1. offers reliable and secure torrents not affected with virus. It also features variety of content to download, from movies to music. It shows you top 50 torrents which are trending and more people downloaded within short time. You can also visit the site to be updated with the trend and most likely also download that content which becomes favorite after watching it. You better using Utorrent BitTorrent client for downloading the torrent file from

  1. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is popular for its user-friendly interface and advanced search engine to enable downloading the required file from its huge database. This torrent site lineup and makes available torrents in its relevant genre, It is also showing the size of the file and torrent health besides every torrent link. On the right side of site, there is a small window of “Quick Browse” listing down the all categories so that you can easily pick one and browse the required content. This is one of the best torrent sites popular for downloading variety of Movies, TV Shows, Games and Music.

5- BitSnoop  

The user-interface of BitSnoop is simple and user-friendly. On the launch of site, It’s a search engine available to type the required keyword and find the torrent with ease. You can also check on one of the below options in order to make your search more specific. These checkboxes includes Video, Audio, Games, Software and Other. There is another one link of “Top 100” which shows most downloading torrents so far, mostly users go for them. BitSnoop is one of the best torrent sites for downloading free content through verified torrents.

6- Zoogle 

Zoogle is a newly emerging torrent site which offers over 1.5 million verified torrents and also uploading thousands of new torrents. This site makes available 1265 TV shows with 128 thousand Episodes, more than 30 thousand Movies and consists of 15.5 million files. Zoogle is quite good at categorizing the torrents and makes available the content in relevant order. Zoogle is one of the best torrent sites which offer Anime, Animations, Movies, Music and games to download.

7- comes with an advanced search engine which enables you searching for popular TV Shows and movies. It’s a simple interface site which shows trendy torrents on its right side, most these are latest movies and new episodes of TV shows. On scrolling down the site, you can see the torrents listed down in categories which further makes searching easy.

8- is one of the busiest torrent site which offers TBs of content and let you navigate through the content easily. The site is well organized and categorized, allows you easily searching the required torrent and downloads it. The site shows you the overall health of torrent, size and the time it was uploaded on site. You can also see the user reviews about the torrent which is another good feature. is one of the best torrent sites available at the present time.

We listed top 8 best torrent sites for downloading movies, TV shows, music, games and software. They are all regularly updated sites and lets you download the favorite content totally free of cost.

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