Do you regularly lose your car keys, wallet or other belongings?

Do you regularly lose your car keys, wallet or other belongings?

Do you regularly lose your car keys, wallet or other belongings? If that is the case, then you would be happy to hear of a nifty device known as a key finder that can help you in your locating lost items.

Before the invention of this device if you misplaced an item, you would have to try to remember where you left the item you are looking for or spend hours looking for it. Nowadays you can skip this hassle by using the best key finder devices.

These key finders are usually small enough to fit into your wallet or attach to whatever object you want to track. There are several manufacturers of finder gadgets and so it is imperative that you know what to look for when choosing a tracker and how to choose the best one.

Features of A Good Key Locator

Long Battery Life- Your key finder should have a good battery life. This will ensure that the device battery is not dead when you need to use it to track your lost item. Also, take note of the kind of battery that is used. Try to choose a key finder that can’t be disabled easily by manipulating the battery.

Loud Alarm Volume: The tracker you choose to purchase should be loud enough for you to audibly locate it when tracking your lost belonging.

Range: Key finders should be able to track over a long range. The best Bluetooth key finder can track items over a long distance so this is something you should look for.

Features: Features like the ability to use other devices for tracking, different ways of locating your devices, mobile app.

Top Rated Key Finders

In this section, we’ll review some of the best finder devices currently on the market. These are all top key trackers that’ll help you find lost items.

  • Tile (Gen 2): Tile creates miniature Bluetooth trackers that helps you find your missing items in seconds. Some of the key features of Tile are Crowd-finding feature, Mobile App Integration, Non-replaceable batteries.
  • iHere 3.0: iHere is a similar finder to the Tile finder. It is has an integrated app which you can use to track your missing item. It also has rechargeable batteries so you don’t need to get a new one when your current battery dies.
  • Magicfly Wireless RF Key Finder: This finder gadget is a little bit different from those described above. It comes with it comes with four receivers and a transmitter. It is more suited to locating items like remotes, keys when indoors.
  • TrackR Bravo: The trackR bravo is a top locator that uses Bluetooth technology to find things. app also has a distance range indicator that’ll let you know how far you are from your item. The TrackR bravo also employs the use of a crowd sourcing network which can automatically start searching for your finder when it goes out of reach of the connected bluetooth device.
  • WTR Key Finder: The WTR key finder more like the magicfly wireless than the other finders on this list. It comes with four receivers that connects to a main transmitter which tracks them.

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For individuals who want to never have the headache of looking for lost things, a key tracker is the perfect device for you. They are carefully designed to make your live easier and they can be used anywhere. They can also be used to track other items like phones, wallets and even pets! Go grab your key locator today.

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