Bed and breakfast in Italy between Lombardy and Emilia Romagna

Bed and breakfast in Italy between Lombardy and Emilia Romagna

A bed and breakfast  is a perfect solution for your trip to Italy. You will stay in a quite accommodation visiting little towns and discovering the real lifestyle of this beautiful country. Italy has many areas very different from each other, in culture, climate, traditions, food and language. Historic heritage is everywhere thanks to the many civilizations that have lived in this land during the ages.

Lombardy and Emilia Romagna are two neighboring regions that meet in the Po Valley. while in Lombardy you can have a mountainous land that slopes gently towards the plain, in Emilia Romagna we are in the heart of the valley with an interesting opening to the sea. Both regions have an enviable natural and historical heritage.

La Torre Medioevale is a bed and breakfast located in Marne di Filago, a little medieval town in Lombardy. The building is a tower built in 1100 with stone walls. The furnishing is simple and rustic, however the facility has everything you need during your vacation, including wi-fi. This is a bed and breakfast with three flats, so you can use the kitchen on your own and have more space for your family and friends. One of the flat has a cute garden, another one has a terrace.

From your bed and breakfast you can visit Bergamo, an ancient city that rises on the hills. Here you can visit La Rocca, a medieval fortress, the walls built under the domination of Venice, and other fortresses “ I bastioni”. Other medieval walls are all around the old town and have allowed Bergamo to keep it intact through the centuries.

In an hour you can reach many famous places of this area, like the city of Milan with the Sforza castle, the Duomo and the Scala Teather. If you love shopping you can take a walk in the many streets full of shops and nice restaurants.

Another nice region in the north of Italy is Emilia Romagna. The bed and breakfast Il Poggianino allows to spend a holiday in the countryside and enjoy quite and relax. Il Poggianino is a country house with three rooms. They are spacious and lightly. Wi-Fi is available everywhere in the facility and the breakfast will be served every morning with local food.

Here there are some cute towns to visit as Santarcangelo di Romagna. Here you can visit Pieve di San Michele Arcangelo, one of the most ancient churches in this area. The church was built in the 6th century in byzantine style, inside there are some interesting frescos.

In a short distance, you will reach the coast and the beaches of Rimini. Famous for the nightlife and clubs, Rimini is also an ancient town founded by the Romans and has prospered over the centuries. You can visit the bridge of Tiberio, the Malatesta Temple, the Arch of Augusto, Castel Sismondo and many other great buildings of several ages.

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