American TV show – FRIENDS

American TV show – FRIENDS

My favorite American TV show – FRIENDS

It’s been 12 years since the last episode of Friends was aired on television and even today no other TV show has been able to compete with its global success. A story revolving around the lives of 6 friends, who live together, treat and care for each other like family and share a lot of secrets is just fantastic. Just like every other group they have their misunderstandings, their moments of laughter and a hell lot of humor. Trust me on this, if you’re having a bad day all you need to cheer yourself up is binge watch some episodes of it because it will make you forget all your problems in a flash of a moment. Each and every episode of this show is filled with humor and wit.

 American TV show – FRIENDS

Chandler being my favorite character had tough life growing up and yet turned out all okay with a great deal of sarcasm in him. Remember the time when Monica and he were looking for a home and they ran into Janice to which Janice said “Oh My God! What a small world.” and Chandler being all witty he replied ‘and yet I never run into Beyoncé’. Phoebe on the other hand was not pampered like others, she lived off streets, her mother killed herself and her twin sister was not on talking terms with her. Now with such a disturbed childhood who would have thought that she could build such a wonderful life for herself. (Friends T-Shirts India)

A troubled on and off relationship between Ross and Rachel that frankly describes half of the relationships these days holds all the characters together. A huge line of guys used be ready to date the spoilt brat Rachel and she chose the best of all – Ross. A ladies man with his famous dialog “How you doin’?” Any guesses? I know you know who I am “quoting” right now. The one who doesn’t know the use of “” while speaking. #WhaddupFriendsReference. Joey, the star of those days of our lives who loved like a kid, flirted like a charm and ate like an elephant because Joey shares no food.

“A lot can happen over a coffee.” Well, that’s the slogan of a popular Indian coffee chain but fits perfectly for Central Perk where the friends spent most of their time. It shows that you don’t always need a bar to hang out at.

P.S. – Their lives were a hope, that even if your life is not perfect right now, it is going to be alright in the end. You will have a bunch of friends as broken as you yet competing with life at every moment. Every single character had their pros and cons, they were all going through rough times (I mean Ross had 3 divorces, just saying) but they had each other as their strength at every step who also made a few jokes about each other’s problems because what is a true friend if he doesn’t make fun of you, with you.

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